Person Points Out Dad’s Guest Used To Bully Them And Ruined A Dinner. Were They Wrong?

For some reason, far too many children are inherently cruel. Most of them grow out of it at a certain point, but for those who were the target of dedicated, extreme, or lasting bullying, the damage is done long before we all reach adulthood and really take stock.

In this case, OP was one of the kids who was bullied enough to make a lasting impression – but he found out at a business dinner that for at least one of his bullies, the bad treatment was only a blip on the radar.

My parents were hosting dinner with some business associates of my dad’s and I was required to attend. One of the guests, Julian, was one of my school bullies. My parents both know that him and his friends used to bully me so I was upset that they would invite him to dinner without warning me beforehand.

I tried not to speak to him and just ate quietly but then he directly asked me if we had met before because I looked familiar. I probably could’ve lied but seeing his stupid arrogant face again annoyed me so I reminded him that he and his friends used to bully me. At first, he denied it, but then I listed some of the things his friends did to me and he remembered.

The former bully tried to apologize but OP wanted no part of it, leaving the table to avoid further confrontation instead.

My dad was visibly angry by this point and I was upset too so I just excused myself because I didn’t want to make him angrier.

Julian did try to apologise to me but I ignored him.

Now his father is angry and/or embarrassed and wants to give his now-employee the chance to make things right – but does OP owe him that?

After everybody left my dad yelled at me for causing a scene, embarrassing him and acting like a child.

He wants me to go to lunch with Julian since apparently after I left he kept telling everybody how awful he felt for what he did as a child and he wanted to make it up to me.


Let’s see whether or not Reddit thinks he owes the guy anything (though I suspect I already know the answer).

The top comment points out that Dad should have been more sympathetic and on OP’s side, here.

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There was one really eye-opening part of the story for most of us…

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Yeah, the real AH here is definitely the dad.

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I mean, to just casually invite them into you home!

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The bottom line is that we don’t owe someone who treated us badly the chance to clear their conscience.

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OP should only hear the apology if they’re ready to, and they should have a chat with their dad about not turning into another bully in the meantime.

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