As an American, I can admit that the Brits are like, the wannabe OG Americans and Aussies. They are the OG white Americans and Aussies, I suppose, and as with every parent-child relationship, there are bound to be some spats among family members.

Luckily there’s also a lot of love in families, so these 17 salty conversations are far funnier than they are mean.

It’s all said with love, folks!

17. What’s wrong with frying everything?

How else do you eat your vegetables, asks the Midwesterner?

16. Spicy, cheesy, or bland.

Pick your poison, people.

15. Brits really like the word bits.

Bits and bobs are just everywhere.

14. I never imagined there was another way.

I know, I know. How American of me.

13. They really do love their tea.

I don’t get it, either.

12. I want to be mad, but…

It is what it is, y’all.

11. I mean, most of us are sad on our birthdays after a certain point, anyway.

May as well get to it.

10. This gets funnier the longer it goes.

I snort-laughed at the end.

9. I think we all know about the wildlife in Australia.

Run is great advice across the aboard.

8. For a quick pick-me-up.

Works every time.

7. You can have pudding for pudding.

But their pudding is probably made of meat or something else gross.

6. Where are my Aussies at?

I need a translation.

5. All of those words do kind of sound the same.

I’m just saying.

4. Can confirm England is real.

But the names are still hilarious.

3. None of this is surprising.

Especially not if you know about Texas.

2. Preserve this for posterity.

Tumblr is the new Rosetta Stone.

1. What could be more American than that?

I think they nailed it.


Listen. There is not one single lie on this entire page. Swear.

What’s the funniest thing about your own culture?

Let’s make fun of ourselves in the comments!