17 Nostalgic Images for the Gen Z & Millennials Among Us

There’s a special set of people who were born straddling the line between Generation Z and the Millennial generation – you grew up in the 90s and early aughts, and you’re proud of it.

If you fall squarely into that group, these 17 images are going to take you right back!

17. You’ve figured out that “abstinence education” is B.S. by now.

At least, I hope you have.

Image Credit: Digital Spy

16. AR tests.

Were you good or bad at these? Tell us which, and what you do now?

Used to love taking AR tests! from nostalgia

15. Still haunting many a middle schooler’s nightmares.

It’s the scent that keeps on giving.

Image Credit: Target

14. Graphic tees.

All of them. Any kind.

Image Credit: Aeropostale

13. You know the kind of guy that wore these.

Hopefully you didn’t marry one.

Image Credit: Keep Abreast

12. Silly bandz.

What even did we do with all of these?

Image Credit: Silly Bandz

11. I still say it looks good!

Don’t @ me.

Image Credit: iStock

10. Scrimmage jerseys.

No shirts and skins for these kiddos.

Image Credit: Amazon

9. MASH isn’t unique to your generation.

But you kept the dreaming alive.

Playing the MASH game to determine your future from nostalgia

8. LG EnV3.

Sure, it looks silly now – but not back then!

Image Credit: Walmart

7. The reason your parents let you shop at Victoria’s Secret.


Image Credit: Victoria’s Secret

6. Can you smell this photo?

I definitely can – it’s pizza day!

Image Credit: Mount Ogden Jr. High

5. Not the best recess, but up there.

Dodgeball was obviously the best.

Image Credit: Visit St. Cloud

4. Definitely a right of passage.

A love/hate relationship to be sure!

Image Credit: Pexels

3. What kind of Bath and Body Works girl were you?

If you have an answer, you’re one of us.

Image Credit: Bath & Body Works

2. Love it or hate it, you definitely watched it.

When you find a fellow fan, you’ve found your people.

Image Credit: Amazon

1. The moustache forever.

If you know, you know.

Image Credit: Look Human

I’m wallowing in nostalgia and just smiling right now!

What’s your favorite memory from growing up in the 00s? Share it with us in the comments!