17. “they saw someone peek through the blinds from the bedroom on the top floor…”

“When I was in high-school, the days before cellphones were common, my friends were to come over to pick me up from my house one night. We had made plans at school for them to pick me up at 7pm. At 6, my parents said I had to come with them to do something, and I totally forgot to call my friends and tell them. They came to my house at 7pm, and called the house phone. No one answered. There was 4 of them in the car. They all told us the exact same story. They said that they were about to pull out of my driveway, but they saw someone peak through the blinds from the bedroom on the top floor right. That was my room, so they assumed that I was fucking around. five more times, they said that someone would peak through the blinds, and a couple of them said they even saw the persons eyes.

We got home at probably 7:10-7:15, and they were still in our driveway. One of my friends came over and said they thought I was messing with them. Then they asked me, “So, whose staying in your room?” I told them that no one. So they asked, “Whose…home at your house right now?” Again, I told them, no one. There stone cold faces then told me what they had seen repeatedly over the last 15 minutes. At first, we all thought there was a burglar in the house or something, so we called the cops.

They came over and inspected the house. There was zero signs of break in, nothing was touched and nothing was stolen. Our house had an alarm on it, so there is no way someone could have come into the house without setting off the alarm.

My family, my friends, and the cop all kind of stood around for a few minutes, trying to make sense of the situation. My friends swore up and down(and still do) that they couldn’t have imagined what they saw. All four of them saw the same things, and it wasn’t particularly a dark night so there eyes wouldn’t be playing tricks on them. To this day, none of us can make sense of the situation.”

16. “he asked her if she wanted him to perform an exorcism.”

“So, this technically happened to me, but I was a baby and don’t remember. My mom told me this once when we were talking about paranormal activity and whether she believed. She had a couple of incidents, but the one with me went thusly:

Mom was at home waiting for the HVAC man to come do something – I do not recall what. My dad was at work, and she was alone with me. I wasn’t more than two. The HVAC man had a reputation of being a weirdo; he was weirdly religious and very superstitious and all the other women in the neighborhood didn’t like being alone with him. My mom figured he was just misunderstood, and she said he was odd but never made her uncomfortable.

Now, I was having screaming nightmares every night. No one knew why. I was in my own room, which was the first room a child had slept in, since the house was built after my sister was born. Mom didn’t tell the guy any of this.

So he is checking all the rooms for whatever he’s there to do, and he walks into my room and stops dead. He asked my mom if I had nightmares. She said yes, and he told her that the house was built on an Indian burial ground, and we had angered the spirits. They were upset, and that was upsetting me.

My mom said she didn’t really know what to say, and he asked her if she wanted him to perform an exorcism. Mom told him sure – wouldn’t hurt, right? He went to his truck, got his Bible, and wandered around my room muttering – she didn’t know what – waving the Bible, that sort of thing. After a few minutes, he turned to her and said that the spirits were calmed and everything should be fine. He finished his work and went in his merry way.

Mom said I didn’t have another nightmare after that. She has no idea how to explain it.”