17 People Confess the Way Their Crush Immediately Killed Their Attraction

Anyone who has had a crush, or has just started dating someone, knows that situation is delicate. It doesn’t take much to upset the apple cart before you’re all tangled up and invested.

These 17 people found that out the hard way, when one seemingly small thing completely killed the entire thing – almost before it had even gotten started.

17. Leave so fast.

When I was a teacher, I had a guy say, “I think you’re a teacher because you don’t think you can do anything else.”

Not only insulting and disrespectful to me, but to all teachers who give so much of themselves to their students.

I told him as much and he said I was being too sensitive.

16. He made the right call.

Ex-GF who had a key to my place, mainly so she could let herself into the building. I live in a condo and the building is locked 24×7. Really no reason for her to be at my place when I’m not there, she lives about 20 minutes away. Purely for convenience.

Everything is going well, we like spending time together, the sex is good, just generally a comfortable relationship. We had been dating about 4 months.

I went out of town for 3 days for a business trip. The day after I got back (Thursday) she asked if she could come over after work. I assumed she wanted to spend the night even though we typically just did sleepovers on the weekend.

She went through every single drawer in my condo while I was gone, looking for evidence that I was cheating on her. I wasn’t.

She had some really weak evidence like a birthday card from 4 years ago that a chick gave me and had signed, Love, Stacey. Had 1 condom (expiration date was in 2 months) that she dug out from the bathroom cabinet. Ummm, yeah. I have dated other people in the past and I use condoms. Apparently there was one left that I didn’t know about… it’s almost fucking expired so obviously it’s old AF. A couple of other really picky things that were just ridiculous.

Then I asked her why she looked through my place obviously with a fine tooth comb. Seriously, what is going on? She said she thought I was “distant” sometimes and a couple of times when she called me, it took over an hour for me to call her back. Two of her friends told her I might be seeing someone else….red flag.

I told her that she let her friends screw up a perfectly good thing. Told her I wanted my key back. She tried to justify what she did but I was just done. Told her that I was sorry it had to end this way, but I just didn’t feel comfortable having my space invaded like that especially when she did it while I was out of town and then put me on trial when I wasn’t expecting it at all. Creepy.

She cried a little. Still tried to justify it and finally said she was sorry. I walked over to the door and held it open. She walked out and we haven’t spoken since.

15. A real doctor? Wtf?!

I’m a veterinarian and specialize in surgery. The guy I was seeing said I’m not a “real” doctor and that veterinarians are only after money. Yeah.

When I asked him what he meant he said “you know. The really smart type” ummm. Okay. Fourteen years of advanced training, a graduate degree, and working with human surgeons researching regenerative medicine isn’t smart I guess?

14. How awful.

Talked sh%t about their children.

I’m not a kid person, but hearing a dad say his kid sucked, really made me disinterested quick.

And I had been very interested.

13. I need more information.

Actually threw a plastic chair at someone.

I couldn’t stand for that.

12. Sheldon Cooper?

Told me verbatim “our genetics are optimal for mating.”

11. That’s adorable.

He told me he got fired from his job for reasons that were 100% his fault, then bragged about leaving fake bad reviews on the company’s website.

He was also 3 years older than me. I just saw this as really immature, petty and lame.

Stopped talking to him after that.

10. Red flag city.

Super rude to a waitress.

I have no time for people who can’t respect service industry folks!

9. He’ll do worse.


I mean, come on. That’s just trashy.

Get it.


8. That’ll do it.

They were on their phone the entire time I was at dinner with them.

Obviously I wasn’t worth the attention. Snapped me out of it quickly thankfully.

7. This will make you want to murder them a few years in.

Chewing with their mouth open.

6. Fearing for your life is a bad sign.

Drove way the f*ck too fast with me in the passenger seat begging him to slow down.

For real thought I was about to die.

5. Stop with that.

When he said that I didn’t know what I was talking about, when I said that Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD) is genetic, not a result of vaccines, and that the “study” that supposedly proved that it was caused by the MMR vaccine had been redacted from the medical journal it was originally published in.

Keep in mind, as someone with an Asperger’s Syndrome diagnosis, I have a high-functioning form of ASD. I had all of my vaccines on time, including the MMR vaccine, and wasn’t diagnosed with Asperger’s until I was nine.

His only “evidence” that ASD is caused by vaccines, is the study that was redacted, and the fact that scientists haven’t been able to pinpoint which genes are affected in people on the spectrum, vs people who aren’t on the spectrum.

4.  Ew.

Recently had an experience with a woman being racist.

She all but laughed at me for having slept with a black woman.

Which she brought up and asked me about.

One of many red flags I didn’t take seriously enough.

We stopped speaking less than two weeks later.

3. Poor taste.

On our second date he made a joke about me giving him a bl**job by the dumpsters at the restaurant we were eating at.

I mean, if it had been by the picnic tables, but the dumpsters?


2. Trash human.

Crushed bags of chips at the store.

Had been seeing each other for a few months… we’re going to make dinner at my place that night, went to the grocery store to pick up a few things and he randomly starts grabbing bags of chips from the bottom and crushing them.

Tells me him and his kids do this every time they go grocery shopping. Wtf?!

1. Noped right out.

Told me she’d had her rifles confiscated by the police because she had threatened her last boyfriend with them via text.

I mean, I give her points for honesty, but I stopped sticking my d*ck in that crazy.

Putting these in my back pocket for the next book I write.

What has someone done that has turned you off forever?

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