17 People Describe Dreams So Awesome They Never Wanted to Wake Up

You know that feeling, when you wake up and all you want to do is go back to sleep because the dream you were having was just so amazing?

It hardly ever works out, of course – even if you can go back to sleep, the dream is different, or you’re somehow aware that you’re dreaming and it’s not as good.

You can live vicariously, if you want, because these 17 people are describing some pretty great dreams!

17. I would not like that.

As a kid I had the same dream 3 times over a different period of time. But each new dream told more than previous

I was levitating in my childhood home at the corridor, head turned to the kitchen in the middle of the night

I was in the same corridor standing. Suddenly I started to levitate in the same position towards kitchen. Then I stop in the same place as before and I hear something in the kitchen

I was in my room, and heard TV in parents room, and there was a very long single TV ad. I’ve decided to check it and went into the corridor. Same thing happened as in #2, but this time the sound was getting closer and I felt something was breathing near my head

16. What did you do with your newfound lease on life? We must know!

I had a dream where I was a criminal being executed, in the beginning of the execution, the platform fell forward and the people executing me died and I was still alive.

15. Brains are just fascinating.

Dreams are weird, returning to a dream nights apart happens to me too. Sometimes a different plot but in or around the same place my mind created awhile ago.

Like my subconscious has an internal map composed of mixed variations of actual places I’ve been to.

14. Too many unanswered questions.

The one that I still think of sometimes is that I was sitting around with my wife and a couple of friends playing cards and I hear a couple of “plops” on the table. I look down and two of my fingertips are there (left index and left ring). No blood, no pain, my hand looks like the nubs people have years after losing a finger in an accident. The detached fingertips still look healthy and the formerly attached ends appear the same as my nubs: healed, sealed over with skin.

I mention my calamity and say I need to go to the hospital and my friend thinks I’m overreacting since there’s zero blood and zero pain. My wife reluctantly takes me in.

The dream cuts to the hospital where I have a couple of doctors just kinda shrugging and going, “Well, if there’s no pain, we don’t see a problem.” And that is when I woke up.

13. That all sounds very exciting.

I remember i once had a dream that spanned multiple canonical days too (about a week).

It was a trip to Europe with my family and family friends and kidnapping and murder got involved along the way i was very relieved when i woke up, but it was strange feeling like i had lived a week all in one night.

12. Go for it.

Had a dream about a book series that I am 99.9% sure doesn’t exist.

(Been researching a lot.) So I am planning on writing it.

11. The face I am making right now.

I have this dream that reappears every few years but it’s been over 3 years since my last one. It’s like I am chased by a cloud of black smoke and I have to hide somewhere in the city.

Every time I find myself in that dream, I still have the memory of the last one, so I strategize each time, like “oh hiding in a restaurant kitchen didn’t work last time, let’s go into the mall instead this time. It’s pretty terrifying though, nightmarish.

10. Bizarre is one word.

Was watching a football game on the yard outside of my childhood home.

One team featured Frasier Crane as the star player. The other team’s star was Jesus Christ, wearing a white gown and sandals.

Jesus was unstoppable. He ran a sweep to the right on every play and once he hit the corner, he was gone. A touchdown on every play.

Frasier Crane would throw a touchdown pass to a cousin of mine on every play.

The dream ended before the game was over so I would have liked to continue watching to see if anyone ever could tackle Jesus or sack Mr Crane.

9. I wonder if they play the cello.

I was in the living playing a cello in front of my family.

I was playing the pirates of the Caribbean theme, but it sounded like a full blown orchestra, and as i got to the end, I woke up from a smiling me playing the cello and am now sad.

It sounded so good too. 🙁

8. A cruel trick.

Any dream about falling in love. I once had a dream about reconnecting with my first love, and it was going great, but then I had the thought that what if it was all a dream?

Then I woke up, all distraught I felt awful, but then there she was, and we were back together.

It was so uplifting…until I ACTUALLY woke up. F*ck what a way to play with your own emotions.

7. At least you get to see them.

I have lots of dreams that involve my grandfather who raised me. It used to upset me a bit because I could never go back to the dream or control when they occurred, but eventually I learned to appreciate them.

He walked on from life over 20 years ago but it’s really nice to see him every now and then, even if it’s only in my dreams.

6. It’s not real.

I tend to get extremely vivid dreams when I take a tolerance break from marijuana. Like, movie realistic, I remember everything. It’s not just abstract thoughts or blurs, but something that feels like a real memory.

I had one very similar to what you’re talking about. The first girl I really thought I fell in love with and I were on our honeymoon on the beach, just loving life and playing in the waves. I threw her once and looked up to see a giant wave coming and absolutely destroying me.

I woke up in bed panicking, then realized I was just at our home and that the honeymoon had been a dream. But I still had the ring on my finger. I went downstairs to start making breakfast, and as she came down the stairs I glanced at the clock in the kitchen…And then everything went black. I woke up in my bed alone because we broke up like 10 years ago and haven’t seen each other in years.

Shit, that hurt. It really hurt. It had all seemed so f*cking real.

5. Destination Mystery.

I do it all the time!

Last night I dreamed I was on a luxurious cruise ship with my husband and friends. We were just hanging out in different bars on the ship and going out to the deck to watch as the ship arrived at a tropical port. It was great but I woke up before I knew where we were.

I think that was the point of the dream – I’m happy, secure but have no idea where “the ship” is going. The ship representing life or the world, I guess.

4. You’ll never know the ending.

I was stranded on an island. The dream felt like it lasted several days, so I wanted to go back to sleep and see if I survive or not. I actually did see the dream again. I survived and escaped on boat and I found a giant cargo ship.

I remember me screaming “Hey! Boat!” over and over and then it cuts off to me just walking around on the boat. Pretty odd, but it was very interesting.

3. There’s no trick to it.

Yes, I dreamt I had a hot girlfriend. I was cuddling her (in the bathroom, bizarrely) and was about to say “I love you” when I woke up. It felt so real.

I couldn’t get back to the dream tho.

2. You can only meet in your dreams.

I absolutely crave returning to the same dreams on other nights.

I think it’s happened twice where I willed myself to see the woman I had made up in my dream and another time where I absolutely didn’t want it to happen when I was having nightmares about medusa.

1.  A real life nightmare.

Same. I’ve had a huge crush on this guy for the longest time and I know he likes me too, but it’s understood that there can’t be anything between us because we work together and we both were in relationships anyway.

But now we’re both single and I’ve been having the most vivid dreams about him and it’s always sad to wake up.

Ahhh now I can’t wait for the next time this happens to me.

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