People Open up and Discuss the Bizarre Recurring Dreams They Have

I have a couple of recurring dreams in my portfolio that come back to bother me every once in a while.

Of course, I have the classic “late for class” one where I’m running through endless school hallways, but I also have one where I have to somehow wiggle my way through very narrow openings in old, abandoned buildings in order to get outside before the structure comes tumbling down.

I have a feeling it has to do with my extreme claustrophobia.

Do you have weird recurring dreams?

Here’s what AskReddit users had to say about theirs…

1. Very strange.

“I had a dream where people stick two portals into the other while I was in between the two.

Then everything just exploded into color while my body parts melted everywhere and spazzed all over the place.”

2. Dead fish.

“I started to have this strange dream short after I got married (12 years ago, when I was 29).

I would jump in a swimming pool, with clear water, placed in middle of an open field. When I emerge from the water, I see the water turned murky and is full of big black dead fish, floating on their backs.

I struggle to swim through them to get out of the pool… That’s it. nothing happened tho, but it freaks me out every time. Thinking of that I just realized, I haven’t dreamed it for a while….”

3. Every night.

“I’ve had the same dream every night for the past couple of years.

In real life, I’m a professional dancer, still performing and teaching at 72 years old. In the dream, I’m always on my way to a gig with my husband who helps me carry costumes, props, make-up case, etc.

We’re always in a crowded city, and always walking. Each time, the city is invaded by aliens who scoop up humans and turn them in robots. We haven’t been caught by them yet, but I keep wondering if and when we do, what will happen to all my costumes???

Then I wake up…”

4. Dreaming of sushi.

“Sometimes in my dreams, I am a sushi chef, a sushi thief, or even being chase by sushi monsters. Sometimes I dream I am in a science fiction movie.

But for some reason, sushi is always tied in…

I also have a lot of dreams where I am an invisible and nobody can see me. The dream imagines myself as a lonely spirit walking the halls of a house.

Another dream that I’ve been dreaming frequently is the dream of becoming a monster or gaining superpowers.”

5. The caterpillar.

“When I was a little kid, I kept having this dream where I was eating dinner with my family and I saw a giant cartoon caterpillar in the other room.

Without raising it’s head at all, it was easily as tall as the seat of my chair. I told my family what I saw, But they replied with “Don’t worry, Caterpillars don’t grow that big”.

Then the caterpillar came into our kitchen and sat right next to me. It didn’t do anything menacing, but I was about five, and I was pretty freaked out.”

6. The deer hunter.

“I have this weird dream that would come every time my dad brought home a deer (he is a hunter). I like to watch him clean up the deer whenever he gets home so I am used to gory stuff like that.

Well in my dream the deer has swapped places with my dad and I can’t move so all I can do is just sit there as the deer cleans up my dad. Though I am surprised that seeing that did not traumatize me.

So um ya that was my weird recurring dream. Cleaning up means like skinning the deer, removing organs, removing the head and extra limbs, and so on.”

7. Lady in white.

“When I was around 6 years old I used to dream about a woman in a long white, hooded fur coat.

When I got close to her she would turn around and her face was a bloody, scraped up mess.

I hated that dream so much, I knew what was going to happen every time.

Still shakes me up now, at 53.”

8. Wrapped up.

“I’m 5 years old in the dream and I’m really upset and crying.

Someone wearing really long and baggy sleeves (almost like a blanket) picks me up and holds me tight and tells me that I’m safe and that everything will work itself out.

I start to feel really calm and light and when I close my eyes and just stay there cuddled up with the person, I wake up staring at the ceiling wrapped up in all my blankets.

I still have that feeling of calmness until I realize it was a dream. I’ve kept having that dream since I was 5.”

9. Sounds like a fairy tale.

“I was planting some plants in my awesome dreamland and there were fairies and mermaids and stuff and one of the fairies gave me some kind of brown rock.

I planted it and watered it hoping it would grow. Then, my mom came and dug up the plant, and revealed that the ‘rock’ was just po*p.

Then the dream switched to me being chased by some glowing guy in a fancy house made by fancy Persian rug.”

10. Like a museum.

“I have a speaker and drink every once in a while, I’m with my family and I walk into like a museum, and the museum director take my family like your back room where they all keep their stuff.

Then my family disappears and I’m in a hallway by myself. Sometimes the hallway is different and last time I had a dream I went to the bathroom and one of the rooms, I think it was like a hotel room.

And by the end of the dream I walk out of the door like a clear glass store and I’m in a different time period and my family’s there. This dream usually occurs when I am having a difficult time in my life.”

11. Train tracks.

“I have had many recurring dreams but one stands out above all others. I had the dream dozens of times.

It’s not very clear but it’s about trains and train tracks. If the train was too big or small for the tracks it was absolutely horrifying for some reason(I mean HORRIFYING to the point where I would wake up in the middle of the night and sometimes sweating but when I wake up I just feel stupid for being scared of such a weird thing).

I was not on the train but hovering above the trains. I saw everything in darkish colors like black, gray, and brown. I recently stopped having them. I don’t have OCD or any medical problems(that I am aware of), I’m was not sick or anything.This made me feel a lot better knowing there are other people that have weird recurring dreams.”

12. Still angry.

“Exacting revenge on the scummy manager and her cronies who forced me into retirement.

They still win in the dream too!

It’s almost 15 years ago this happened but I suppose it’s the anger I still feel that drives my dreams.”

Have you ever had any recurring dreams?

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