17 People Reveal How You Can Make Them Dislike You Instantly

I think every one of us has pet peeves in life, whether it’s with products, media, or other people. We have those hard lines in the sand (like when people eat ice or chew with their mouths open) that we can’t cross no matter what, right?

These 17 people are chomping at the bit to share what another person can do to not only turn them off, but to make them absolutely hate them almost on sight, and y’all. It’s pretty eye opening


17. Absolutely evil.

There was this woman at an old job I had, now she wasn’t the greatest but I never really hated her.

She was the type to bully people verbally in the workplace with rumors and snide comments. She once brought a coworker to tears.

She’d try to boss people around despite not have any position to do so. She wasn’t a manager, same level as everyone else. She seemed to have a chip on her shoulder towards our manager more so than anyone else on the department.

A young relative of our manager got terminally ill. A local charity was set up in shop to raise money to send her for treatment as it was her only chance.

We all chipped in and encouraged other to do the same until one day all the charity boxes disappeared. Turns out this woman had made an accusation to head office that the it was all fake. That the money was just being pocketed by the manager.

So to save any legal issues the company just stopped allowing the money to be raised on the property.

They never reached their goal, the managers relative was only 12. She never got to see another birthday.

That’s when I hated this woman and i’ll hate her until I can’t hate anymore.

16. No one likes a liar.

Demanded to speak to my manager and lied saying I swore at him and called him names.

Another customer defended me and told them to look at the camera footage.

15. This makes me sad.

Laughed at my budgie dying. I still hate that b*%ch. More than 13 years later. F**k you Justine you heartless bitch.

We had budgies when I was a kid and it just so happened they were male and female and became a mating pair. At one point we had an actual flock of budgies.

We started with a blue one and a green one and the babies were all the fancy mixed jewel tones the pet shops charge more for. We gave the babies away once they were grown to friends and family. It was a special time in our family.

14. That’s gotta be rough.

I run a comprehensive s*x offender program for adult males.

It’s a target rich environment.

13. With friends like that…

she kept insulting her friend in front of me. i think she thought it was cute or something. and it was clear her friend was feeling uncomfortable about it, even at one point telling her to stop, which just made her repeatedly insult her more.

now whenever she comes by to talk i get this shiver of disgust down my spine.

12. Litterbugs are the worst.

“You care if I throw this out your window-“ yes and I hate you for even asking that.

Don’t throw your trash into the street.

11. All a bunch of bluster.

Insult me and threaten to take me to court because I wouldn’t cover up their own unethical behavior.

Bonus points if their behavior would take them to court if it comes to light.

10. What on earth is wrong with this man?

I was dating a man i had only recently met and I had finally invited him to my house. We were in the garden and there’s a frog that hides down the side of the wall, he’s always lived there. I

showed him where to look and see the frog peering out. He got his drink of coke and threw it on the frog and started laughing as if it was funny. I threw him out and rinsed the frog with water.

He couldn’t understand why I was upset and why I had blocked him. What a prat.

9. How gross is this?

Back when I was starting out as hospital security we came into shift briefing. Outgoing supervisor informs us that a team member is in psych. He wouldn’t put up with any jokes or any bulls**t about it or he would get you fired. I respected that because I didn’t like this supervisor.

Then his supervisor came in. Started treating it like it was the funniest thing in the world to have a guard in psych. Him and the lower supervisor (who had just gone on a rant about how he wouldn’t stand for this kind of thing) were laughing their a$$es off about it.

I have my own mental health issues and I knew every guard present, if suffering a mental health crisis, would no longer trust coming in to the hospital for help for fear of ridicule.

Hated the ranking supervisor for that and reaffirmed my dislike of the clearly spineless lower supervisor.

8. Oh my god.

I was walking through an airport terminal when I heard a woman tell the child in her stroller “THIS IS EXACTLY WHY NO ONE LOVES YOU”.

I wanted to yell back “that’s not true! Your mom is just a c**t”.

I still think about that kid.

7. Addiction is rough on everyone.

She called me and begged to borrow some money from me and her brother without her husband knowing. She claimed it was for bills and groceries but it was all for booze and meth.

I just casually mentioned them paying us back to her husband and he had no idea what I was even talking about. It was all news to him. They made more money than my husband and I at the time, but she was constantly asking us for more money.

And she always tried to make it out like I was the problem for seeing right through her bulls**t.

6. I hope he’s in jail.

Filmed himself having s*x with a good friend of mine (she had no idea she was being filmed), then invited some of her coworkers to watch the film. He had several videos of other women he had filmed without their consent.

Garbage human. Yes, police and his now former employer were notified.

5. We all want to smack him.

Friend of a friend came.out with us to a sports bar. Waitress gave him ranch instead of blue cheese for his wings and he screamed in her face. I payed my bill, gave her a really generous tip, and apologized for his behavior to her right in front of him.

He just sneered at me as I left. Told my buddy to make sure me and that guy never saw each other again.

Treating someone in a service job like s*%t is terrible. Doing it for an honest, simple to fix mistake is even worse.

Never saw that guy again and I still wanna f**king smack his face.

4. And not wipe it off.

Piss all over my toilet seat.

My old roommate’s boyfriends would do this all the time! And there would be pee along the sides of the toilet and floor

She said it was okay because guys have a really hard time aiming, so we shouldn’t make a fuss about it.

3. That’s a quick way to get punched.

Friend came into my apartment and immediately kicked my cat.

He’s no longer my friend.

2. A special kind of awful.

We have this gentle, older autistic guy in town who is like a giant toddler and we all kinda keep an eye out for him.

A guy comes into the place I work and starts talking about how he will glue quarters to the ground just to watch this (adult) kid try to pick them up. And just generally talking s*%t about him.

And idk you have to be a special kind of a piece of s*%t to do that to this guy, he wears animal onesies and is innocent as all heck.

So that was an instant hate. Just a sweet guy who has no family so we watch out for him as a town.

1. The balls it takes.

A few years ago I was having a small party with some friends and extended friends at my house right? And this random chick who was a friend of a friend of a friend STEALS MY CHAIR.

No I don’t mean she sat where I was sitting.

I have a pretty large garage, about the dimensions of a house, and the party started there. I had laid out about 50 plastic party chairs that I RENTED for the party. Only about 40 or so people came tho. So anyway, eventually the party gets led inside my house and she said she had to leave early and I didn’t think much of it.

But the next day when the guys came to collect their chairs, 1 is missing. I was shocked and counted em myself and one was indeed missing so I had to reimburse them for it.

Same day I go to check the garage security camera and I eventually see this bitch picking up one of the f**king chairs and trying to fit it into her car for a good 10 minutes.

I f**king told everyone about it. Filthy chair thief.

Wow, I mean some of these I feel like are no-brainers but others kind of surprised me!

What has someone done to totally turn you off on a first meeting?

Tell us about it in the comments!