18 Inedible Things People Would Nosh If They Could

One of the things I find most charming about Reddit is how people come up with questions that are totally random, completely impossible, and not anything I would have thought of or considered on my own.

This question, which is “if everything in the world that’s inedible became edible, what would you eat first,” definitely falls into that category – and these 18 people have some pretty interesting answers!

18. We’re all mad here.

I always envied the Mad Hatter and March Hare’s ability to eat dishes in Alice in Wonderland, so I would probably give that a go

Wealthy Tudors figured out how to make plates out of sugar, I’m sure some confectionary somewhere in the world still does it.

17. An interesting take.

Silica gel packets.

Just to get back at them for telling me what to do all my life.

Silica gel packets are actually non-toxic! The “do not eat” warning is only there to prevent choking on them!

16. Tried and true.

Probably pizza rolls.

If it ain’t broken, don’t fix it amirite?

15. I think that still seems impossible.

I could finally eat my way into a bank vault.

14. Your teeth would probably object.

A stone, just wanna know how they taste.

13. This one just cracks me up.

The scroll of a violin. (The swirly thing at the very top of the violin near where the pegs are)

Every time i play and look at it, it just reminds me of caramel that is seen in commercials

12. He would use his power for good.

All the trash in the ocean.

Might as well try to save the planet. I’ll have the excess heat from global warming as dessert.

11. I needed a quick Google.

straight up i’d eat some forbidden honey

Even if it was edible, you’d burn the roof of your mouth off like what happens with hot pizza

10. Why do they look so yummy?


Those laundry nuggets look delicious

Don’t Tide Pods taste practically the same as Fruit Gushers anyway?

9. It would definitely be all about the texture.


it looks like it would be delicious and have a wonderful mouthfeel.

Technically since your stomach is way worse than your respiratory system at absorbing mercury you could eat it and it would pass through your system pretty quickly. I am NOT by any means saying it is safe because if there is ANYTHING wrong with your digestive tract it will poison you, but it’s theoretically possible to do without many side effects.

Source: trust me bro and also I’m a hazmat tech. Mercury vapor is the #1 most dangerous thing about mercury.

8. Why does it look like that if we can’t eat it?

Insulation foam.

forbidden cotton candy

7. Their first thought.


This was my first thought.

I imagine it would be like ice. Cold, hard, and mostly flavorless.

6. Just eat some Skittles.

Crayons. I wanna taste colors.

5. You mean you never…?

Play-Doh, been dreaming about it since childhood

4. Easy answer.


My husband thinks I’m nuts for saying I’d touch it if it wouldn’t kill me.

Let’s be real, who wouldn’t? I mean how did we find out not to touch it?

3. My strange addiction.

Couch cushions.

2. What a description!

Absolutely everything.

I’d be like Augustus Gloop in the candy room my hubris would inevitably kill me.

Does edible include liquids? I feel like the most delicious smelling things are toxic cleaners.

If not probably some tasty smelling air fresheners if I’m being realistic

1. Does it, though?


That s*%t looks delicious.

I’m going to have to think for awhile about how I would answer this question.

What would your snap reaction and answer be? I want to hear more responses in the comments!