17 People Share the Double Standard That Makes Them See Red

Listen, I’m not sure there is a double standard anywhere that makes sensible, fair-minded people swoon, but the hard truth is that some are easier to swallow than others – though which ones, I’m guessing, has a lot to do with who you are and where you’r from.

These 17 people are ready and willing to share which ones make them absolutely bonkers, and after you read through this list, I bet they’ll burn your britches, too.

17. There’s really no difference.

Rich people getting money from the government vs poor people getting money from the government.

16. Yeah… why is this a thing?

If you owe a company money, you will be charged interest/late fees/service interruption almost immediately after the due date.

If a company owes you money, you might see it in 4-6 weeks/2-3 billing cycles.

15. A tale as old as time.

As a 17 year old I am expected to act like an adult but treated like child.

The same kind of occurs when you’re in college.

You’re basically treated like a kid who can get arrested and drink, since you’re still under your parents’ wing.

14. Definitely gets me riled.

Father here. On multiple occasions of taking my either of my children to the “parents” room to change their nappies whilst out and about, I often receive dirty looks from the mothers and have even been asked to leave once.

It’s a parents room, not mothers. I just want to care for my d*mn children the same as you.

13. There’s no reason for it.

The employee should give two weeks notice, anything else is unprofessional.

But the employer will actively obscure their intentions until the very last minute.

12. Good for you, Dad.

I’m a Dad of a 3 year old and it drives me f*cking crazy when people tell me how “great” it is that I’m “babysitting” or “watching” my Son for my Wife.

He’s my kid, d*ckheads.

I’m just as much a parent as my Wife is.

11. Nasty is one word for it.

My last boss had a nasty habit of, upon finding out that an employee was moving to a company we did work for/bought equipment from, he would call said company and tell them “if you hire x person, we’ll never work with you again.”

Then he had the audacity to tell me that it was unprofessional of me to tell him I was quitting day of.

10. Everyone is allowed to be upset.

When people tell you not to be upset because other people have it worse

That’s like saying “don’t be happy, other people have it better”

9. They’re not going to apologize, either.

Dogs can bite us but we can’t bite them.

8. What a concept.

Right now in Canada, we’re in strict lockdown but a dozen of our politicians have been found vacationing around the globe.

In other words, we can’t bury grandma at a funeral, but these politicians can go work their tan.

Thankfully, many of them have resigned in the last 2 weeks.

7. Gender flipping isn’t as popular as it should be.

Those romantic comedies with the cliché beautiful and smart woman married to the dumbest f*ck of a guy who is lucky to have her.

Swap the roles and see people flip out.

6. And it happens a lot.

 you miss your bill to your internet/cable provider by a day and you pay fees out your a$s.

Your service goes down for a week…. oh well, you get jack sh%t.

5. Yeah, that’s gross.

Basically being against violence but making comments about how men will get r**ed in prison.

It’s disgusting and it’s so mainstream.

Every cop show makes some comment about prison rape being okay.

Even shows like SVU where their entire storyline should be about protecting people.

4. The rules, though.

“No limit on sick days” policy followed by an annual evaluation where I was told I took the most sick days.

Either f*cking dock my pay, take away my vacation days, or change your policy. Dont make employees feel like a$sholes because of guidelines you laid out for them.

3. Definitely not equal.

Bis*xual women are s*xualized. Bis*xual men are shunned.

Also, a bi male is only accepted when he usually dates primarily women. A man who dates men (or even married to a man), is often quickly mislabelled as gay. Put into a stereotyped box of what gay men do. As a married guy (M/M), when with my gay friends they talk horribly about women’s anatomy. When with straight men, they say I don’t act gay, or won’t acknowledge men can be bi. I haven’t been able to find many other bis*xual men to hang out with socially. Usually they’re repressed and discreet, or only hyper s*xually minded. Dude, I want to enjoy my beer.

Women are generally not existent on the s*xual periphery because they assume I’m gay because I’m married to a man. Not all men fit s*xually. My husband and I are both tops, so have been open to playing with a third s*xually together. We’ve been married 15 years and are emotionally and mentally secure in our relationship and committed.

Further, i don’t believe a lot of bis*xuals or society feel they’re part of the LGBT community. Many believe it’s a community reserved for the overtly oppressed, mentally damaged and misfits. It’s politically correct to be accepting and an ally, but not a community that’s chosen to be a part of.

2. This never made sense to me.

If you always arrive to work late you’re in big trouble.

If work never finishes on time, “shrug, no big deal.”

1. That day will come, right?

I f*cking yearn for the day when someone going to a therapist to support your mental health is treated socially how going to the gym is for your physical health.

Like just imagine if in a room full of dudes (am a dude) someone said they really made gains in therapy and the homies were supportive.

It would legit make the world a better place but somehow taking care of mental health gets looked down on a lot.

Yeah, all of these can go straight out the door and never come back.

Is there something you would add to this list? If so, drop it in the comments!