17 Professions People Say Are Overpaid

Right now it can seem as if almost every job in the world is underpaid, considering what people are asked to do in exchange for relatively little money (that keeps getting relatively MORE little, thanks to inflation).

That said, these 17 people think there are still plenty of jobs out there where people are making more than they should for what they produce – so check out this list and let us know whether or not you agree!

17. Where all that tuition is going.

The chancellor at my small <10k student university got paid 400k a year and a house on campus. That’s as much as the president. The guy who runs a fucking country.

(I used past tense but only because I left uni a year ago. I imagine he’s paid more now)

16. It boggles the mind this is even a “profession.”

I thought it was funny that a lot of social media influencers make enough to wear a different designer outfit each day. I feel like I missed a real-life cheat code.

15. A little bit of both.

College administrators.

The higher ups definitely are overpaid, but as always, the people doing the actual work are woefully underpaid. Some of my administration coworkers make barely $30k but do the work of three people.

When we luck into a highly paid administrator who will actually answer emails, go to events, talk to students etc, they never stay for more than a few years.

14. Beautiful.

Big time preachers (think Joel Osteen, Kenneth Copeland)

There’s a short video out there somewhere where a guy meets him and acts like he’s going to take a selfie or something.

Rather than snapping a quick photo, he’s recording video and says something like, “Hey, it’s Joel Osteen!, Hey Joel you know you’re a real piece of shit?!” It’s beautiful.

13. Totally taking advantage.

Hospital CEOs

And the ones the run the health insurance companies, too.

12. Talk about taking advantage.

Realtors (in Canada).

The fees they charge are from 20 years ago when 3.5% and 1.75% were based on homes that cost $100k to $400k. With current Prices the fees make no sense. How many assets have a 2% transaction cost?

11. What do they even do all day?

Professional stock portfolio managers.

99% of them do not outperform indexes and they contribute no real goods or services.

Me no do words good. Edited.

10. Firsthand knowledge.

Insurance broker. Source: am an insurance broker.

Get an insurance license, and either work under another broker or reach out to insurance companies that offer lines of insurance you are licensed for and work with a brokerage director or whatever title to get appointed to sell their products.

Or use an insurance aggregator. Honestly, insurance can be good money but it’ll be a grind to get up and running and for a while you won’t make very much. The money is in the renewals.

9. It must be nice.

Executives of most companies. They supposedly get paid massive amounts because they will be held responsible for the performance of the company and…

Are never held responsible for the performance of the company…

8. This one doesn’t surprise me.

As a pharmacy student, medical administration has an INSANE amount of overhead costs and take about 90% of the cut, with the last 10% actually being given to the doctors, nurses, and pharmacists involved, etc.

Also PBMs. PBMs suck.

7. A bit sleazy.

Music executives. They don’t have an ounce of talent, but will make money off of the talent of someone else. It’s a disgusting thing to see.

“We’re making you rich and you’re already lazy So just lay on your ass and get richer or write your own songs.”

Willie Nelson

6. Why the hate?

Reddit mod. They don’t get paid, and yet, they are still overpaid.

One of my favorite reviews of a bad game:

“I got this for free and I want a refund.”

5. Another vote.

real estate agents

Absolutely, every time I’ve bought real estate, I’ve found the house and told my agent “I want this one” and they get a percentage for telling the other agent the offer.

4. This is honestly hilarious.

Here in Quebec, Canada, we have something called “the language Police”. They go around and make sure fonts on signs are more pronounced in French than English.

They make 80k a year. 😑

3. It doesn’t make sense.

I’ve always thought the entire structure of what pays is odd. I sit here moving some letters around as a screen as a software engineer, while people are outside, doing hard labor, saving lives, and building skyscrapers for less money than I make doing this work.

I feel like they should get paid much more than my “white collar” work.

2. Whatever they make is too much.

Talking heads on cable and network news.

1. Just sit there and look rich.

CEOs. I’m in frequent contact with our CEO and he doesn’t understand our business at all. He just makes sweeping decisions based only on his own perception.

It’s gotten to the point where our VP does everything in his power to keep him away from us.

There are definitely some arguments to be made here, I think.

What would you add to this list? Let us know in the comments!