17 Things People Think The Opposite Gender Will Never Understand

There are certain truths that are human, and others that seem to be specific to one biological sex or another. This isn’t true across the board, of course, and everyone’s experience is going to be different.

That said, there are some things that seem to be true for more people than not – and these 17 things can be tough to understand if you’ve always lived with different “parts.”

17. Count your lucky stars.

I’ll never understand how it feels to not have pockets.

I still am shocked when I’m doing me and my girlfriends laundry how useless their pockets are.

I always turn jeans pockets inside out to avoid washing a pen or something and I swear the little tiny bonus pocket on men’s jeans is more of a pocket than her actual pockets.

16. We should all listen to our bodies.

“Do I have testicular cancer, or are my nuts just hurting randomly”

Please tell me I’m not the only one that gets this.

Had a torsion in righty as teenager, saved years later, feel of torsion in the left, legged it to A&E, not a torsion confirmed. Good

Hold on… what’s that… Cancer !

Caught early, lucky! Listen to your body!

15. Uncomfortable!

That feeling when the tampon isn’t quite in correctly and you’re not near a bathroom to fix/change it.

Or having the wrong absorbency on hand, using a heavier one than needed, and the dry pull out that follows.

Or when the tampon string moves and kind of dangles in between the panties and the thigh and then it gets stuck between the two and tugs on the tampon :I I’ve had that happen ONCE and I will never forget the absolute horrible feeling

14. It all hurts.

I’m sure men gather that cramps hurt. But it’s all encompassing sometimes.

My ovaries hurt, my nipples hurt, my actual v**ina hurts, and my bu**hole hurts. Just everything.

The only way that I can describe it sometimes is that it feels like my whole bottom is falling out. Not to mention it feels like someone is holding a match to my nipples.

13. It’s just not fair.

Being a divorced dad with two young kids and getting sideways looks from people at the park that I may not be their dad.

One time, after my dad passed away, my son was about 7 and adored his grand dad. He wanted to spend time after I broke the news about his grandfather passing. We went to a restaurant to get ice cream. He was asking questions and was fighting back tears.

The waitress asked him countless questions, the manager swung by to “see if we’re enjoying our ice cream.” I get it, but it still sucked.

12. Sometimes they just pop up.

Boners aren’t always sexual.

11. You get good at it, I guess.

Having to adjust your balls in your pants, whether its walking or sitting.

10. It’s in the back of your mind.

Being genuinely worried you might be the next Virgin Mary because your period hasn’t come in a couple months.

And like you joke about it, laugh it off, all that, but deep down, you’re worried.

9. We literally can’t describe it.

I’ve got endometriosis and fibroids…..the pain is INDESCRIBABLE.

Don’t even get me started on the period poohs.

8. Not liking an audience.

Stage Fright at Urinals.

I feel like I’m on stage in front of hundreds of people when I’ve been standing there unable to piss for 2 minutes.

People are coming and going, and my dumba** is panicking.

7. I’m trying to imagine and failing.

Sitting on your own sack.

Add this to a bike seat, oh the pain

6. Can anyone explain this?

Getting a$$hole cramps on your period. Agony.

you can feel them coming and then wam you’re sitting as stiff and rigid as possible trying to not let on it feels like someone is trying to pry open your hole for a peek.

5. I’m learning this with my sons.

Some urinals having a design/engineering flaw in which no matter where you direct your stream, you get some bit of urine splashback onto your hands/clothes 😕

Why can’t they all just get the really good splash pads?

I remember campsite had amazing splash pads, and everywhere else they just sit at the bottom of the urinal and don’t work.

4. It can definitely be distracting.

Having to maintain eye contact during a conversation while a warm period blood clot the size of a slug slowly oozes its way out of your vagina.

One time I was with a close female coworker and she just said “excuse me, I’ve birthed a jellyfish” and did an awkward waddle to the washroom.

I followed her with some tamps, because she forgot her purse lol.

3. It’s not the potatoes.

That the p**is just sometimes goes hard for absolutely no reasons.

I will be shopping in the supermarket and my p**is will just get hard.

And believe me i ain’t horny for potatoes that are on sale it just happens sometimes.

2. We should talk about it more.


8 weeks, baby’s smaller than a grape blah blah blah, if you can’t get a d&c and have to do it naturally there is so much blood.

If you were excited about the pregnancy the only real distraction the first few days is just figuring out logistics of what to do and how on earth you can bleed that much and not die.

Although miscarriages are still kept somewhat quiet so it could easily be surprising to other women.

1. A moment of panic.

Trying to take of a sweaty sports bra and worrying that you’re going to be tangled in it forever.

There’s a moment when it’s past your armpits but not over the elbows and you’re tired and wondering if you should just stay like this forever.

It starts compressing your arms in and you’re struggling with it half over your head and you can’t even see and the elastic starts cutting in…

Good times.

Y’all, it can certainly be hard to fathom how people walk around with these things, right?

What do you think is something the opposite sex would struggle to grasp? If it’s not on this list, drop it in the comments!