17 Things That Aren’t Sins, But Kind Of Feel Like Them

This is kind of a weird question, because not everyone considers the same things a sin, and depending on what religion you ascribe to, your answers to this question could be vastly different.

That said, I think most of us understand the spirit of the query, and so these 17 answers will be easily understood – and identified with, too.

17. They lure young kids.

Simply entering a candy shop feels just like a sin to me. Those places are evil, I can feel it.

16. We’re programmed to protect their feelings.

Saying to the barber that you don’t like your haircut.

I mean, what are they going to do? Glue your hair back?

15. You get all of the looks.

These days, a single cough or sneeze.

I was drinking water at a meeting and it went down the wrong pipe. I coughed once and everyone looked at me. So i held it in the best I could, half coughing for nearly 10 minutes.

It was very uncomfortable.

14. It makes you cringe.

Walking on freshly-mopped floor.

One time after having to walk over the floor while it was being mopped I apologized to the man mopping and he replied “If you don’t walk on the floor then I don’t have a job. Don’t worry about it”.

Made me feel better.

13. It’s a learned behavior.

Saying ‘No’ to people.

As someone who’s strongest personality trait is agreeableness (I think) this is a huge problem for me, I always need to think for a min and build up the courage to say no.

Plus Im kinda socially anxious.

12. We just wanted a bite.

Getting a food sample and listening to the person talk about what’s in that food sample and how they made it and what’s on sale and then not buying the product.

The elimination of the Costco samples was the worst thing that affected me during the pandemic. I might be a terrible person.

11. You’re not supposed to, but.

Setting boundaries or disconnecting with family for your own mental peace.

You feel like a complete jerk even though you’re not the one venting every negative aspect of your whole life every time you talk to them.

10. At least you have two friends.

Not going with a friend to do something because you’d rather be with another friend.

Unless you change plans last minute. Then it’s definitely a sin.

9. That’s not allowed.

Moving a cat off your lap.

You start super slow and the cat starts meowing, making it worse.

8. The game always knows.

Cheating in a single player video game. Especially if the game knows.

Game Dev Tycoon will let you play for a bit until you release your game in which it flops due to it being pirated so much. I love games that are cheeky like that. Even though people work around it eventually, its always great to see when game developers put in work for something that most consumers won’t see.

7. You can’t be good all the time.

Eating luxurious food once in a while. Because, you know, life is too short to be so worried and all that.

6. Decadent.

Eating a pomegranate naked in your bathtub.

Neither lustful nor gluttonous, but somehow still decadently delicious.

And no stains 🙂

5. Live a little.

Drinking drinks straight out of the bottle when you know no one else is gonna be using the bottle.

I feel this when I’m double dipping fries into my own sauce cup.

4. You want what you want.

Leaving a drive thru after being informed they are out of what you wanted/unable to make it.

I sat in a line for 10 minutes at Popeyes for some mouth watering, soul rejuvenating, chicken sandwich and you tell me you’re out of chicken sandwiches?!?!

It’s better for everyone that I simply pull out of line and drive away. …this has happened more than once.

Don’t judge me, I wanted Popeyes those days.

3. Shake that off.

Taking time off of work, for any reason really Doesn’t matter if it’s a medical emergency or for vacation, I always end up feeling some guilt over it.

Unless if it’s an assigned day off, seems to be the only exception. Even then, I’d I get called in I’ll feel guilty if I reject the call in (sometimes I have to just that for my sanity).

2. Especially when it’s not busy.

Walking out of the store, without buying anything.

Walking slowly and checking your phone at the entrance to make it clear you aren’t trying to rush out with stolen stuff.

1. So much guilt!

Not using a present someone else gave you even if it’s not that expensive or not that hard to make.

My brain still just says you b*%ch someone who loves you gave you that present and now you’re just gonna let it sit in your closet till you die and that’s why my favorite present is money but that’s still not perfect.

Then I feel like I have to spend the money on the perfect thing or I’m disrespecting the person who gave me the money I should probably talk to a therapist about this because I often get very stressed out about it.

Yeah, those are some goooodddd and wholesome things.

What would you add to this list? Tell us in the comments!