Most of us have been guilty of either calling or texting a wrong number here and there.

We’re human, mistakes happen, and generally everyone is very polite about the whole mix-up.

Generally, though, people don’t keep talking after the error is discovered…and they don’t do whatever these 18 people did, either.

18. Something isn’t working upstairs.

A lot, I’d say.

Sir, do you know how wrong numbers work from facepalm

17. Say the same thing a different way.

Eventually they might get it.

I don’t even understand how people with this logic get through their day from facepalm

16. New number, who dis.

Ah, the police!

Image Credit: Someecards

15. Don’t go!

We need answers.

Image Credit: Someecards

14. Everyone’s looking for ways to save time.

Might get one of them…

Scammer tried to scam 20 random people at once from facepalm

13. Do you suppose he was texting his cat?

I kind of hope so.

12. Wow…

That’s a lot to handle for a random person.

Image Credit: Someecards

11. How can there be no more questions?

That is certainly not fine.

This dude jus texted me… from wrongnumber

10. Dang voice to text.

What on earth does that even MEAN.

9. A reminder that people are so very different.

I have never needed to shoe a mule.

8. I will never not share this story.

Everyone needs a good grandma.

Image Credit: Twitter

7. Never miss an opportunity to talk about cheese.

I want some smoked Gouda now.

Image Credit: Someecards

6. This is hilarious.

And also more than a little scary.

A doctor accidentally texted my girlfriend requiring medical assistance. She turned out to be useful. from screenshots

5. I guess poor Bob never got his wipes.

Poor sap. Those things are like gold these days.

4. You can stop now.

Seriously, I don’t think your mom would want that.

Image Credit: Tumblr

3. Y’all what is happening here.

Other than this guy bringing the chili I guess.

Image Credit: Someecards

2. I’d say there’s a high probability.

Considering you’re human.

1. This guy had his eye on the prize.

Can’t say I’m surprised he got a wrong number, though.

Wrong number text I received today. from facepalm

Aren’t you kind of inspired about humans in general now? I know I kind of am!

What’s something funny or otherwise interesting that’s happened to you after texting a wrong number?

Tell us the story in the comments!