18 People Admit The Things They Would Remove From Earth If They Could

I think we can all agree on a couple of thing. The first is that Earth is a pretty sweet planet to live on.

The second is that it’s definitely not perfect.

What we probably can’t agree on is what should go in order to make it better, but it can be fun to listen – so check out what these 18 people had to say.

18. We would all sleep a bit easier.

Bed bugs.

Would just love knowing that these would never be a threat again.

17. A small start.

I would say all the waste and pollution but people will make more.

I’d rather remove climate-change deniers and those who know about climate change but still choose to not give a hoot.

16. Some people only think of themselves.

There’s a flickering streetlight near my house that’s been there for a while, b*%ch needs to be deleted.

15. This isn’t a bad idea.

Abusive parents.

Abusive people in general, but especially people who mess up their kids right from the jump.

I definitely would’ve had a better outcome in life if I grew up around people who gave a crap about my wellbeing from the start.

14. The planet would be thrilled.


Except my friend Larry down the street.

Imagine Larry waking up in a world where everyone disappeared. BEST PRANK EVER

13. Could it really be that simple?


Once that’s gone, there’s no need to go to great lengths to survive.

12. Everybody is a joker.

Death and taxes just to mess with the quote.

11. Just all of it.


Remove a large amount of carbon that we have. Not all of it obviously. But a good amount.

10. All of them.

All the bulls*%t social media sites/apps. So the narcissist/influencers of the world would have to develop a personality and find actual jobs that contribute to society.

Especially Facebook.

9. Just why?

Idiot people who, for example, throw trash out of their cat windows.

Pisses me off.

8. The worst of the worst.

Chinese concentration camps, the taliban, Isis, and all the testicles (and ovaries?) belonging to the rapists of the world.

7. Amen.


The worst of the worst and there are so many of them.

6. I do have some questions about those.


5. So many people would agree.


4. We all have our thing.

Cigarettes cuz they kill people, smell bad and pollute the environment all at the same time.

3. Why does this exist?

Any kind of cartoon porn. I was trying to fix my little cousins tablet because he said it was broken.

Turns out he got a virus from downloading 2 Gigabytes of Fortnite porn.

He’s 6.

2. Just chuck ’em.


1. It affects so many.


Depression is a Handicap, just like blindness, deafness, or a paraplegic. It prevents you from being able to do all the same things that able-bodied/able-minded people can do.

It can also be fatal.

Definitely going to consider some of these a little more in the days to come.

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