18 People Explain What Makes Them Believe In Zodiac Signs

I think that, when it comes to zodiac signs, the majority of people fall into the “eh, whatever” category. We enjoy reading our horoscope now and again, and we totally know our signs and all of that, but we’re not organizing our life around what the stars say is going to happen.

There are some who are extremely skeptical, and yet others who are super into it and definitely do plan their lives around what the stars say is a good thing to try next.

Like these 18 people, who are here to tell you what inspires them to listen to forces beyond their control.

18. We’re all just trying to get better.

I don’t know if I’d say I “believe in it” as such, and it’s certainly a lot more than “sun signs”, but I’ve been using it as a tool to work on my flaws/ weak points for the last couple of years.

Take an aspect between the planets, and think “how does this potentially come out in the way I behave / interact with others / the decisions I make?” then work on that if you’re not happy with it. Better (and cheaper!) than therapy, for me.

17. Can’t lose that feeling.

Because, when I was high AF, someone did my whole chart and I’ve never felt more understood. Still chasing that buzz.

My friend gave me a magic brownie and read my chart to me at a coffee shop – when it started to kick in I felt like everyone was staring at me and I meekly said ‘can you please stop reading that out loud?’

16. It helps you know yourself.

I can’t say if I believe in it 100% but for me, following it is not only fun, but it empowers me to become more insightful and aware of how the emotions of myself and others around me are affecting their behaviors. Learning about astrology I think has made me a more empathetic person because I do notice smaller details about my friends, and I can support them more effectively.

It’s the same thing as say the enneagram, Myers Briggs types, or love languages. I don’t think it’s a bad thing to try to understand yourself and your peers better. Adding astrological elements just makes it more fun.

15. It’s not so different from religion.

Because I always feel stressed and anxious. I need to be tethered to something.

It assigns patterns to the randomness of the universe. It’s very grounding for me, too.

14. Everyone needs a hobby.

I have a friend who has a similar mindset that you do. I questioned her about it once and she said “it may be a dumb hobby, but it’s my hobby. It doesn’t hurt anyone and makes me happy”. With that reasoning, who am I to judge?

Not saying that it’s dumb at all. I was just quoting (likely paraphrasing her). She seems to be the most mentally healthy of all our friend group and if that’s the reason why, so be it

13. Live and let live.

As someone who thinks most things like this are BS, it’s one of the least harmful things that people follow.

I’d rather my neighbors be eccentric astrology nuts than an average scientologist.

12. Valid response.

Because it may lead to sexy time?

11. It’s as simple as that.

TLDR- Because it’s fun!

I started learning about it as a kid because my mom had some books laying around.

Thought it was interesting, the way a personality quiz online might be fun to do. Like “oh yeah that’s totally me! Haha”

Seeing as I already memorized friends and family’s birthdays I started seeing some patterns and saw the (verrry general) traits of the zodiac manifested. Not super clearly, not every time, but enough to keep me interested!

As an adult I’ve really been digging into it more. The internet certainly helps! It’s a great hobby because there is SO MUCH material out there to study! Signs, planets, degrees, aspects, elements… it’s like laying out a big puzzle. Connecting pieces of information and putting them together. It’s one of many tools I can use to decipher myself and the world around me.

I know it’s not scientific, and I’m fine with that. I enjoy it and it helps me. I don’t need to convince anyone and I certainly don’t bother anyone with my “Astro takes” unless they ask for it. That said – I’ve become pretty good at pinpointing other people’s signs 😉

10. It just slowly became a thing.

K so, hear me out. ahem, it wasn’t so much a belief, but I had used zodiac in the past as a method of self examination/improvement, before getting into therapy. I wanted to identify the problems before spending alot of $$ to have someone talk me through it. I have been struggling with the unholy matrimony of mental health, anxiety, depression and ADHD, with sprinkles for a while now. Astrology was the kick in the right direction. Led to me picking up books about aforementioned sprinkles, and getting from point a to point b. (My parents didn’t believe in therapy, and was taken off ADHD pills because parents didn’t like me on them, all of three days.🙄)

IMA JUST PUT THIS OUT THERE QUICK. You don’t get to disrespect people/act a certain way and blame it on your sign. It’s childish and you need to get over yourself.

It is ludicrous to think that planetary positions affect personalities, however, there’s a little more depth to it that just “sun sign”. BEAR WITH ME. When you are born planets are in a certain constellation, depicted by a natal chart, which has been used in Astronomy in various ways, like planning trips to Mars. Each of the planets progress through the constellations at different speeds.

In Astrology, the planets represent certain life aspects, like relationships, feeling, communication, passion, etc. NOW. Per the planets in star signs representing your personality, 💩, doesn’t matter. When you get to the planetary aspects, and are objective(not like “oh the moons over there next to Venus, IMA get some dick” no, fork off) you can identify the traits/emotions/life changes that apply to you. You can also use the timings of planetary cycles to set goals; moon signs change every 2-3 days. Make a plan to start doing excersize get goals to achieve every three days, idk whatever floats your boat.

Whether or not it’s backed by science can be argued out the door for sure. But, any self analysis can be a useful tool along side getting professional help. Mental health is a different struggle for everyone, and it’s better if you can find something that interests you, keeps you engaged and aware of yourself.

There’s journaling aspects and cycles associated with growth and planning. NGL, it’s also a fun time going out to a dark sky reserve with a telescope on a dark night outside the city and just be at peace. It was definitely a phase, meditation is my go to now. But you know, cycles. Learn and reflect.

I’m not saying it’s for everyone, and people definitely use it in some twisted ways. But hey, unless someone’s punching you in the face saying “it’s fine , I’m an Aries”, you do you.😂

9. Everybody wants a “thing.”

Yeah it’s just fun =) I’m not huge into it.

But playing Final Fantasy Tactics as a kid the zodiac was a major motif.

It caught my eye and it’s really cool.

8. Everything is stardust.

I don’t believe but I mean everything is stardust so they’re not crazy for looking at the sky for answers.

7. You can’t argue with that.

Because I’m a typical Pisces.

One time when I was arguing with my mom and telling her I don’t believe in astrology she barked at me “OF COURSE YOU DON’T BELIEVE IN ASTROLOGY, YOU’RE A VIRGO!”

I have no idea what that means, but I always though the comment itself was a great one.

6. We all want to feel like we have control.

Helps create a false sense of control, like making sense of the messy life patterns.

I don’t believe in horoscope they are garbage. I like the personality profiles (zodiac) though, it’s similar to create target personas in marketing. It’s dummy and not exactly accurate but gives an idea.

Check out the app called Pattern, some of the predictions or patterns (based on time of birth etc) are pretty accurate, can be really annoying too at times.

5. There’s nothing wrong with that.

I dont really believe in it, but it is fun learning about. Youre supposed to use a birth chart and not just your zodiac sign, which uses the exact time and location of birth to figure out the alignment of stars and shit. You can share qualities with other signs based on where the sun/stars/moon/planets are.

So like, Im a virgo. I dont share a lot of qualities with your stereotypical virgo. Im not a clean freak and im largely disorganized which is not considered a “virgo” trait. But if i bust open my birth chart, look at the shit that represents orderliness, it predicts that Im a disorganized person. And basically all the qualities that didnt fit me under one general zodiac sign, are pretty much tailored to me when I use my birth chart.

You can use other zodiacs too in a birth chart to compare. I used my sisters and tried to identify with her supposed qualities but i couldnt because none of it applied to me. Try to compare other peoples zodiacs to each other and see which one fits who better.

I can see why people believe in it, its a spiritual thing. We can track movement of the stars and planets, its kind of a given that a belief like this would arise. I do wish that i understood its origins though. I wouldnt be surprised of i found out it was pretty much appropriated from other religions/culture. Like how wiccans did.

4. Because it can seem really legit.

I think off the bat, the top layer of zodiac signs, so sun signs are interesting but then it’s when you go in deeper and explore the sun moon and rising signs along with times of birth and topical and all that other stuff which really gets interesting.

I wasn’t really into it at first but its actually crazy how similar things are in my deeper readings rather than just sun sign stuff.

3. Maybe there’s something to it.

I don’t traditionally, but I do cite them a lot and get called on to justify why a lot.

And I dig into my own zodiac sign a lot, because sometimes it’s just a nice avenue for self-exploration.

I went through a bad break-up once for a pretty long relationship and didn’t know who I was anymore by the end. So when I went and got my chart read, this guy told me “Hey, you’re a Pisces, so you care a lot about people.” and I do, totally, one of my big things.

But then he said “And you’re a Libra moon, so you like doing housework, maintaining order, etc.”

Which is totally not me.

So even though I didn’t agree with some of the zodiac stuff, the prompt to stop and think about how I felt about things is something I think more of us should take.

2. It’s individual spirituality.

Atheist and former evangelical Christian here. I see a lot of people who are moving away from their religion go towards astrology and/or other forms of spirituality. While I may not believe in it, it is harmless and at the very most annoying.

Moving away from religion is difficult and it can help to have something to cling to in order to express a form of spirituality that may feel lost. Even if that doesn’t apply to them, let people connect or not connect to their spirituality the way they want.

It has about the same level of scientific backing as personality tests, and the 5 male personality types, and in the case of the latter, it doesn’t spread toxic masculinity.

I think a better question would be, why do we shit on people who believe in zodiac signs disproportionally to other harmless (and sometimes harmful) pseudo-science?

1. Don’t knock it until you’ve tried it.

I know this is going to sink so low that nobody sees it, but if you want a serious answer…

Have you ever had a full natal chart done? A lot of people, even people who at a surface level believe in astrology look at their sun sign which is just kind of bs and doesn’t really apply to them in the first place.

It’s a lot like any personality test. And rather than looking at it like a self-limiting box, the real purpose is to see your flaws and grow past them rather than relying on them and saying shit like “ooh I’m such a cancer, and this excuses x action.”

I mean, they’ve got some decent arguments, don’t you think?

Do you believe in astrology? Tell us why or why not in the comments!