18 People Reveal Their Age And Their Biggest Life Problem

Every stage of life is hard in its own way, though I do think that some are innately rougher than others. It can be interesting to hear about the troubles people are having who are your age – and the troubles that are plaguing people significantly younger or older than you are.

If you’re curious how your problems stack up, these 18 people are sharing their ages and their biggest life problem – currently.

18. Cancer sucks no matter your age.

I’m 31. Been dealing with appendix cancer for over a decade, I have an ostomy and just recently my kidneys failed so now I’m dealing tubes in my kidneys so they can regain their function.

The kidneys failed because urine and bacteria was being backed up in the ureter due to the cancer distorting it.

All my bodily functions are now done through external means and it’s…

Well it’s a lot to process.

17. Bless their heart.

I’m 27. I relapsed after 8 years of sobriety and my wife and I have separated. It’s all I can think about and I miss her so much it hurts.

88 days sober today.

16. Losing a parent.

25, mom got diagnosed with aggressive cancer a month ago.

Enjoy life before the real hard s*%t hits you, I never realized how easy and unproblematic was before that .

Puts things into perspective

15. Annoyed by the phone.

I’m 57. I’m trying to set up my new phone and it ‘can’t connect to the server’.

I mean, I’m horribly out of shape because of back problems and three surgeries in seven years and I had a stroke a few months ago and I’m getting divorced, but those things are under control. I’m getting annoyed by this phone.

14. He’s just done.

I’m 57 and I just really don’t want to work anymore. That is not an option as I live alone and I need my income to survive.

I guess I might be depressed. Just feeling super lazy.

13. Too much travel.

36, burnt out by work travel and using it as an excuse to avoid every other issue.

12. When it rains it pours.

53, just discovered prostate cancer and in work we have employee co-operation negotiations, they’re getting rid of 20% of workers.

But I have been in job interview to other place and it’s promising and because prostate cancer is the most common cancer for men, they have studied it quite a lot and it’s easy operation. So I’m quite optimistic.

11. Slowly falling apart.

I’m 51. Broke my back and I’m slowly losing the ability to walk due to nerve damage.

10. So say we all.

31, financial debt, depression.

9. Help wanted.

46 and I’m 3 days sober.

Had a few friends die from it and I really need to quit myself. Reading This Naked Mind by Annie Grace now for help.

8. An imaginary bar.

27, the feeling of not being enough or just not being where I should’ve been by now

7. Not the worst problem.

34, I’m about to graduate and start looking for a job that will certainly not pay anywhere near as good (starting out at least) than what I make now.

It’s a good problem to have I suppose.

6. The hardest thing imaginable.

38, trying to figure out how I’m supposed to keep going after the death of my youngest child.

5. That’s trouble all right.

56 and I was paralyzed 2 years ago. Nothing from mid chest down.

May 10th, 2019. I was turning into the end of my street when a dump truck rear ended me pushing me head on into oncoming traffic where I hit another car. The dump driver was texting and never hit his brakes. He was going 60mph. Technically I was dead.

A cop was 2 cars back. He pulled me from the wreckage and performed CPR, reviving me. I was medivac away. I remained in a coma for 42 days where I expired twice more. I awoke to be a paraplegic.

4. Seeking meaningful relationships.

I’m 29. Feel very emotionally stunted. I have friends who accept me for the reserved person I am.

But I want to be more emotionally available to them so our relationships can feel more meaningful.

3. This sounds so hard.

I’m 53 and I’m currently locked in my bedroom to keep away from my mom (79).

She has Alzheimer’s/dementia and is raging at me, hitting me and throwing and breaking things because I told her to not put anything but water in the coffee maker.

It’s the 3rd machine she’s fried in 2 months by pouring in coffee with cream/sugar.

2. Life keeps going.

17, my mom died a few months ago, and ever since, I feel like I can’t get the person I once was back. I can hardly deal with school on top of everything else going on in life, but dropping out isn’t an option.

I feel like I have almost no grip on my life anymore, yet life keeps on going. I feel like I’m gonna drown while fighting to keep getting up in the morning.

1. Sometimes he regrets it.

Im currently my grandma’s caregiver because my aunts, uncle and parents can not longer handle her dementia. It really difficult to have someone you love deteriorate before your eyes and experience their abuse because they’re frustrated and confused.

My grandma hit me with her cane because she thought I was a stranger in my apartment. I’ve had neighbors intervene because they thought I was abusing her when I held her arms back because she was hitting me.

We’ve tried putting her in a home but she ran away twice and the facility kicked her out. Now the family keeps their distance and I’m the intermediary for them and my grandma.

I volunteered and I regret it sometimes. I’m sorry you have to lock yourself in.

Yeah, as someone who is firmly in middle age, most of these definitely check out.

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