18 People Share the Celebrities They Hate and the Terrible Reasons Why


We all have our favorite actors and singers, and of course we love some of those famous people who are famous just for being famous. But do you have a celebrity you absolutely despise? You know, the one you hate because they whine when they sing? Or the one from reality TV you can’t stand because, well, you just don’t know why, but you hate them so much?!?

These 18 people feel you. Check out the celebrities they just cannot stand, even though they have no real reason to feel so passionate.

1. Some reason

Eddie Redmayne. I can’t explain it, I just kind of want to punch him in the face for some reason.

2. SNL

Fred Armisen.

Ever since that little bespectacled turd’s SNL intro shot of him purposefully having the camera show that he is looking through 70s and 80s punk records then turning to smile with pursed lips and little goon eyes wide open. I don’t like how much he pushes his own alternative self image on people. It seems that he’s trying really hard to make everyone believe that he’s really hip and cool.

That being said, I’m pretty sure that if I met him, I’d think he was a really nice guy, and I would regret ever saying this.​

3. Drake

Drake. I’m also a big drake fan though so I’m very conflicted.

4. Fake ass Wahlberg

The fake ass Mark Wahlberg – the asshole that hosts Antiques Roadshow. That man can go right to hell. Fuck him.

5. Passionate

I fucking hate Nick Kroll. It may be because every character he plays is a complete douchebag. His face just seems douchey.

6. Jennifer Garner?

I’m really bad with names. It’s the one girl who does the airline commercials about seats on a plane and credit card miles. I think she was married to the bad angel from Dogma. Anyway, it’s something about her face and voice. I dislike both greatly.

7. No Lincoln commercials for you

Matthew McConaughey.

I have literally no reason at all, I just don’t really want to watch anything he’s in.

8. Trauma

Sally Field. She traumatized me as a child.

9. No “Hanks”

Tom Hanks and Steven Speilberg. I dislike both irrationally but I feel like Speilberg is an especially irrational dislike because I think a lot of his movies are really great, yet whenever I hear of a new one he directed I assume it’s gonna suck. I just don’t like him for some reason and I can’t put my finger on it.

10. Ellaborate

Dennis Quaid. I think it’s his face.

11. Hot but mean

Megan Fox. I think she’s really hot but she also looks kinda mean

12. Don’t taste her then

I really dislike Taylor Swift- her music isn’t bad and she seems nice, she just gives me a bad taste in my mouth.​

13. All but

Everyone on the Today Show really, except for Al Roker.

14. That’s ellaborate

I think Nicole Kidman is a psychopath and a serial killer.

I think she and Tom Cruise were a killer couple, like Gillian Anderson and Mads Mikkelsen in Hannibal, and now they’re competition.​

15.  No car for you sir

Oprah. Fuck absolutely everything about oprah.

16. That escalated quickly

Jesse Eisenberg makes me want to drill a hole in my head.

17. Gross

My mom says she doesn’t like Vince Vaughn because it looks like he doesn’t wipe his butt.

18. Don’t know her

Adele. Can’t stand her face, her voice, or the content of her songs. She just makes me so angry and I don’t know a damn thing about her.

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