18 Tweets That Will Make Every College Student Scream, “Yep, Uh Huh, WTF”

Ah, college. It’s like one big party except there’s a bunch of homework and papers and your entire future depends on it and oh my goodness why didn’t anyone tell me it was gonna be this hard?

Don’t worry. Take a deep breath. And continue procrastinating with these 18 incredibly relatable tweets.

1. It was worth a shot.

2. Why am I better at doing three things at once than one?

3. Amen.

4. Seriously, you couldn’t have spread this out?

Photo Credit: Twitter, @shawtysfeeI

5. Some might say it’s harder than actually reading the book.

Photo Credit: Twitter, @lissabrtz

6. “Tell my family I loved them…”

Photo Credit: Twitter, @MumsBigBicep

7. Another brick in the wall.

8. I feel ya.

Photo Credit: Instagram

9. College’s best-kept-secret.

Photo Credit: Twitter, @PriscillyAnn

10. I really, really, really, like this method.

Photo Credit: Twitter, @deanfluence

11. Frequent breaks are healthy.

12. No comment.

Photo Credit: Twitter, @nusmth

13. Is the answer ever “no?”

Photo Credit: Twitter, @MumsBigBicep

14. “Ah… why?”

15. Our leader has fallen.

Photo Credit: Instagram

16. Did they learn anything from their own class?

17. “I choose… C”

18. We all know who gets the last laugh.

Photo Credit: Twitter, @chanelpuke

h/t: BuzzFeed

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