20 Things That Make Absolutely No Sense

This is the list, obviously, that could go on and on, my friends. There are way too many things in this world that make no sense, because I suppose the common variety is in short supply these days.

Also, though, remember what Jeff Goldblum taught us about chaos theory, right?

Below are 20 things, though, that’s existence will just make you shake your head.

20. Just send us a bill.

The fact that the government knows exactly how much tax you owe but doesn’t tell you unless you under-pay.

19. References for teenagers are a joke.

That I needed work experience and references from previous employers and teachers (which I haven’t talked to in 6 months) for a STOCKER position at costco right after getting out OF HIGH SCHOOL

18. And it never ends.

Dust. Something sits there and does nothing and it gets dirty.

17. I’ve honestly never really thought about it.

Saying that you’re up for something or down for something means the exact same thing.

16. It really blows the mind.

How universities are charging full price to learn from home!

My friend had to pay for a mandatory transit pass as part of her college fees. To take college courses from home.

Also there are bullsh%t fees like the “campus fee” people are still paying. What campus? Your house?

15. Science is mad crazy, y’all.

Clouds. Literal tonnes of water just hanging there in the air.

14. It’s a topsy-turvy world.

that famous/rich people get a lot of things for free, while they are the ones that can afford everything

13. Teeth are weak.

You can shatter a bone and it will heal itself but if you get a tiny cavity you gotta get that filled.

12. That goes double when it’s a young child.

Forcing an apology. They don’t mean it and only said it to appease whoever told them to apologize. They’ll do it again most likely.

11. That’s a lot of work to get tortured.

The way you join one of the dentist surgery’s in my area. You have a pre-assessment appointment to become a patient, to get the pre-assessment you have to be a listed patient… to become a listed patient, you need to have the pre-assessment, they won’t budge on this and they don’t take emergency patients either…

I never figured it out and went to another dentist surgery.

10. There’s no promises.

How good people who do everything right can just get f*cked over and their lives destroyed in a split second.

9. Wait, what?

How Hawaii has an interstate.

8. Talent not required.

How many people are famous even though they have absolutely no talent.

It’s not what you know, it’s who you know. That’s life in many places. Plenty of famous people have famous friends or are connected by family to other celebs.

You’re right though about how little sense it makes to have people being famous even though they have 0 talent.

7. At least it’s cute?

The platypus looks like whoever created it decided to cut and paste various parts from other animals and call it done. In fact, it only gets weirder the more you learn about it.

The duck billed platypus is so strange looking that when the man who discovered it (for classification’s sake anyway) sent a taxidermied specimen back to the royal society in London, he was accused of sticking a bunch of different animals together to claim a new discovery.

The males have a venomous spur on their hind legs, which is capable of incapacitating a fully grown adult human.

The pain of platypus venom can last anywhere from a few days up to a few months. Keith Payne, a former member of the Australian army, was hit with a Platypus spur on his hand, and described the pain as “worse than shrapnel”. He still reported problems such as pain and stiffness with that hand 15 years later.

6. They’re cute, too (I see a pattern, here…)

Toddlers! Wtf is going on in their little brains to make absolutely no sense?? Sorry just spent a ton of time trying to get my kid to do something he wanted to do until I told him to do it…

5. Don’t do this.

why customers continue to gripe at me, a lowly store employee who literally has NO part in what items the store stocks, about our store being out of stock of an item.

4. Someone has thought about this a lot.

That famous Life Cereal ad, where the kids are like “He likes it!” …but then they cryptically add “Hey Mikey!” for… some reason? Like they’re trying to get his attention after having interacted with him, rather than before…?

Maybe the child actors wouldn’t read their lines properly and they just had to go with it? It’s gibberish, like everyone involved in its production was retiring the next day and didn’t give a god damn, but there it is in the cultural consciousness regardless, and I choose to angrily dwell on it in some vain attempt to exert control over my reality.

Also, I prefer Quaker Harvest Crunch.

3. I will never understand this.

There are trash cans literally everywhere, and people still fill the need to just throw their shit on the ground.

On top of that, now I’m seeing paper masks everywhere too. And as a Canadian, I legit expected more consideration.

2. If I understood this I’m sure I’d be agreeing.

Astronomer here! Dark energy. Basically if you look at all the mass in the universe, you would assume the universe is pretty close to constant expansion, no longer expanding, or maybe someday collapsing in on itself. In actuality, it turns out the universe is not only expanding, but also accelerating, which makes no sense. The only way to explain it is if 70% of the universe is made of some unknown form of energy that only really affects things on the very biggest scales.

The insane thing about dark energy is it’s such a tough problem to begin to understand that we first discovered it in the 1990s, and the first experiments to study it better are just really happening now. That is literally as long as some careers, just trying to think of how we might begin to study it! And I honestly would not be at all surprised if we don’t learn the answer in my lifetime to what dark energy is. It’s just that hard to begin to figure out how to make sense of it.

1. It needs to stop.

Linking healthcare insurance to employment.

Like what would even happen if, hypothetically speaking, there was some massive pandemic and people started simultaneously losing their jobs and therefore health insurance due to an unprecedented market downturn?

That would be the worst!

I mean…what on earth, right?

What would you add to this list? Tell us in the comments!