Remember that scene (or scenes) from When Harry Met Sally when she orders her food and it’s like, incredibly specific and takes her two or three minutes to finish? And the waitress is like…sure, lady.

If you’ve spent any time at all working in food service, you’ve had customers just like that – so many, in fact, that it would take a lot to leave one sticking out in your mind.

Which is why you’re going to want to read about these 23 orderers so memorable their servers will never forget them.

23. When you actually ask your server to spit in your food.

There’s something really creepy about this.

22. You can…you can put that in coffee?

I don’t think I want to try it.

21. When you really just want to drink sugar.

With a small shot of caffeine.

20. I don’t think she knew what that meant.

Also, she can have salt.

19. She won’t hold you accountable.

Though this is a crime against burgers.

18. Seems likely.

Also, how do you land on 23 exactly?

17. That person had to be starving.

I feel sorry for her, to be honest.

16. I definitely just threw up in my mouth.

I’m from the Midwest and still no.

15. Not all dudes love hops.

Pass it on.

14. Sounds like my grandma.

She’s not supposed to have coffee, but she misses the taste.

13. I guess you can have too much of a good thing.

Even Ben & Jerry’s.

12. Do they think servers are magicians?

That would be cool, but unlikely.

11. Sometimes you just want to ask.

But you know no good can come of the answer.

10. He couldn’t have drank it…

It would have been like, half spit.

9. The. Whole. Bottle.

I love mayo, but this is…excessive.

8. The husband was the hero of the day.

Just saying what the server was dying to blurt.

Image Credit: Twitter

7. This made me gag.

The Sweet & Lows after a mountain of sugar lol.

6. I guess that makes sense.

It’s still pretty gross, though.

5. I bet she wasn’t impressed.

I would have grabbed that shizz!

4. Every Japanese ancestor is enraged.

So am I, as someone who likes sushi.

3. When you think they’re just messing with you.

But they’re definitely not.

2. What did I just read.

That doesn’t even sound possible.

1. Someone hurt this person.

Very, very badly. Blasphemy!

Image Credit: Twitter

I never wrote down orders, but every once in a while, someone like this would just keep talking, and I had to get out my pen.

If you’ve spent time in food service and can remember a customer like this, tell us about their order in the comments!