5 Gifts Under $15 That Are Perfect Stocking Stuffers

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Whether it’s at work, or with friends or even with family… gift exchanges are absolutely competitions. Because if you don’t think people are judging what you’ve brought to the table, well, you’re not playing the game that everybody else is playing.

So without further ado, we present 7 super useful gifts that you absolutely want to check out this gift exchange season.

#1. Bug Bite Thing

Photo Credit: Bug Bite Thing

It’s simple, it’s reusable, it works AND it’s cheap.

Four out of four!

The Bug Bite Thing is a chemical-free, kid-friendly way to alleviate the pain and itching from bug bites and stings in less than 10 minutes.


Check out this video of how it works.


Who would have thought a simple device that used suction could be so effective?

They’re just $9.99 apiece, so click here and grab a couple today at their website or click here to pick one up on Amazon!

#2. Pooch Selfie


Just in time for the holidays comes a product that every dog lover can get behind.


And this is another simple, fun idea. Put a ball on top of a phone so your best pal will look at it while you take a picture with them.

Best part? Once you’re done taking the photo, the ball comes off and you can play fetch!


The Pooch Selfie is only $9.99, and is available now on Amazon, so click here and grabs yours.

#3. Solemates Blister Blocker

Anybody getting new shoes in your family this holiday season? Then they need some products from Solemates, stat!


Specifically Solemate’s Blister Blocker product, which ensures that the friction you get from those new stilettos won’t rub you raw.

They even have some for the athletes in your life! Because those teenies can leave a mark too!


Also, Blister Blocker is The product is natural, unscented, hypoallergenic and cruelty free!

But don’t take our word for it. Here’s a list of athletes that have used Blister Blocker and swear by it.

NBA Athletes:

  • Miye Oni
  • Duncan Robinson
  • Dedric Lawson
  • Al Horford
  • Jrue Holiday
  • Cameron Payne
  • Devin a Robinson

US National Team:

  • Alex Morgan
  • Ibtihaj Muhammad
  • Ali Krieger
  • Ashlyn Harris

Buy it on Amazon today! Grab a Sport version or Regular version.

#4. Subsafe: The Ultimate Sandwich Protector


How can you take sandwiches (and a lot of other stuff) with you and make sure it doesn’t get wet or worse?

Enter the Subsafe, a product that was featured on Shark Tank recently…

Each kit costs just $15 (for a limited time only) and includes three pieces so you can keep a 6 inch or 12 inch sub sandwich safe and sound!

Photo Credit: SubSafe

If you’ve got friends who love to spend time out on the water, this is a perfect holiday gift.


Pick a SubSafe up at their website today!

#5. Did You Know 2020 Desk Calendar

Do you like to learn ONE new thing a day? Of course you do. And so does everybody else.

That’s why you need a Did You Know 2020 Desk Calendar.

Photo Credit: Did You Know

Because you need to know that you should NEVER drink 70 cups of coffee in a short period of time.

Photo Credit: Did You Know

Also, stay away from ghost peppers. Yikes!

Photo Credit: Did You Know

All this and 363 more amazing facts await!

Click here and grab a Did You Know? 2020 Desk Calendar today!