6 Gifts You’d Never Think of, But Should Definitely Consider

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Whether it’s at work, or with friends or even with family… gift exchanges are absolutely competitions. Because if you don’t think people are judging what you’ve brought to the table, well, you’re not playing the game that everybody else is playing.

So without further ado, we present 7 super useful gifts that you absolutely want to check out this gift exchange season.

#1. Bug Bite Thing

It’s not how complicated something is, it’s how effectively it works.

And the Bug Bite Thing is VERY effective. It’s a reusable and chemical-free way to alleviate the pain and itching from bug bites and stings in less than 10 minutes.


Getting rid of bug bites or stings with this thing is super simple, as this video shows…


And maybe you’re thinking, “But hey! It’s the winter! There aren’t any bugs out right now.”

Yeah, guess what happens in four months?


Seriously, you’ll want to have this BEFORE the bugs come back. Because they ALWAYS come back.

But don’t take our word for it, here’s a review!


They’re just $9.99 apiece, so click here and grab a couple today at their website or click here to pick one up on Amazon!

#2. Pooch Selfie

Know any “dog” people? Of course you do.

And there are few things they enjoy more than taking pics with their pooches.


That’s where the Pooch Selfie can really help out.


It gets those furry friends to take perfect snap b/c… “Look! It’s a ball! You want that ball???”


Super simple idea, right?


The Pooch Selfie is only $9.99, and is available now on Amazon, so click here and grabs yours.

#3. Oasis Diffuser – Waterproof Aromatizer

Do you like things that smell amazing AND relieve stress? Of course you do.

And the Oasis Diffuser – Waterproof Aromatizer brings all those yummy, soothing essential oils into the shower so your whole body can experience it!

Photo Credit: Oasis Diffuser

It’s a very simple idea.

Fill up the bottles with the essential oils of your choice, turn on the diffuser and take a shower!


And just look at all the benefits essential oils can bring you!


Click here to pick one up today!

#4. Flip-It! Cap – Bottle Emptying Kit

If you’ve ever turned a bottle of something upside dow and tried to shake some of the contents out… we feel you! And did you know that almost 20% of the contents are usually trapped in the bottle because we simple can’t shake it out?

That’s why some geniuses invented the Flip-it Cap!


This handy lid replacement takes ALL your bottles, turns them upside down and creates a reality where you can grab every last drop of whatever you want.


This shows you exactly how it works… and it’s so darn simple!

Pick one up today at their website.

#5. Bruw Cold Brew Coffee Filter

Before I tell you about the Bruw Cold Brew Coffee Filter… you should really HEAR it.

Is that not the most satisfying things you’ve heard today? ASMR is giving me those tingles!

So yeah, the Bruw is a super simple idea when it comes down to it. Ground coffee and water go in one jar.


Tighten the lid on that jar, then screw the other jar on top and flip it like a humongous caffeinated hourglass.


Isn’t that clever?


And it costs less than $20! For that price you can buy one for your home, one for the office.

Click here and pick one or two today!

#6. SubSafe: The Ultimate Sandwich Protector


How can you take sandwiches (and a lot of other stuff) with you and make sure it doesn’t get wet or worse?

Enter the Subsafe, a product that was featured on Shark Tank recently…

Each kit costs just $15 (for a limited time only) and includes three pieces so you can keep a 6 inch or 12 inch sub sandwich safe and sound!

Photo Credit: SubSafe

If you’ve got friends who love to spend time out on the water, this is a perfect holiday gift.


Pick a SubSafe up at their website today!