5 Things You Should Buy Used Instead of New

It can be tempting to buy things new because we want to believe that we’re the first people to use them and buying used items can sometimes backfire when they stop working long before they’re supposed to.

But it turns out that there actually are quite a few things that you should be buying used.

Here are 5 for you to think about.

1. Exercise equipment

Chances are that a lot of used exercise equipment for sale is in good shape because a lot of people tend to buy things like treadmills and elliptical machines to start a regular routine but they stop doing it.

Research the brands you’re interested in before buying anything and check with local gyms, too, to see if they have any used equipment for sale.

2. Hand tools

You can find all kinds of great hand tools in good condition on places like CraigsList and some of these tools might still have warranties.

Be sure to ask to test the tools on site before you purchase them so you can make sure they’re in good working order.

3. Espresso machines

Meg Nordmann, author of Have Yourself a Minimalist Christmas, says, “One of our biggest joys is our used espresso machine which produces coffee shop quality lattes for us every single morning.”

“We found our espresso machine for $60 on Craigslist four years ago. It was a $400 machine and was only missing the milk frother on the side. We were able to find a replacement frother for less than $8! We have saved an immense amount of money by no longer visiting boutique coffee shops.”

I think she knows what she’s talking about.

4. Sports equipment

I can attest to this one. I bought used hockey equipment at a second-hand sports equipment store all the way back in 1995 and I still have it and it still works fine.

I’m talking about shin pads, elbow pads, shoulder pads, and a helmet.

It’s smart to buy sports equipment used because new stuff is expensive, you might not like the sport after you try it, and if you’re buying for kids, they’re going to grow quickly and outgrow equipment in a hurry.

5. Cars

You’ve probably heard this before, but simply driving a new car off the lot after you buy it automatically decreases it’s a value by thousands of dollars.

So why not buy a used one instead, right? You know it’s gonna be cheaper and it’s a smart move if you don’t want to put yourself into any (or more) debt.

Just be sure to have a mechanic inspect a vehicle if you’re serious about buying it.

Photo Credit: Unsplash,Nima Sarram

What things do you like to buy used?

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