8 Hollywood Stars Who *Almost* Won Legendary Roles


Ah, the timeless question of what might have been…

These 8 movie stars surely sit and think once in a while where their careers would be or how life would be different if they hadn’t been passed over for these 8 big-time roles.

#8. Angelina Jolie as Velma Kelly

The actress was close to getting the lead in Chicago that eventually went to Catherine Zeta-Jones.

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#7. Dustin Hoffman as Rick Deckard

Hoffman had all but landed the lead in Blade Runner but walked away when the production company refused to promise him creative control over the character (who Hoffman thought should be more grim and angry).

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#6. Kate Winslet as Bridget Jones

It’s no secret that Brits wanted to see one of their own in the iconic role, but rumor is that Winslet turned it down (or was too young).

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#5. Christopher Walken as Han Solo

It’s hard now to imagine anyone but Harrison Ford in the role, and there’s no great story to why Lucas changed his mind at the last minute. He just did (good thing, too).

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#4. Joseph Gordon-Levitt as Jordan Belfort

We know the actor auditioned to play the sleazy lead in The Wolf of Wall Street but not how close he came to landing the part.

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#3. David Schwimmer as Agent J

I definitely can’t see anyone other than Will Smith in Men in Black!

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#2. Jeremy Renner as Mad Max

You have to assume Tom Hardy had some pretty stiff competition with this one.

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#1. Ryan Gosling as (The Suicide Squad‘s) Joker

He wasn’t ready to commit to subsequent films.

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