8 of the Spookiest Declassified Documents from Project Stargate

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Between 1972 and 1995, the United States government (primarily the CIA) conducted a multitude of top-secret experiments exploring the possibility of using psychics to gather intelligence.  Collectively dubbed “Project Stargate,” these studies tried to decipher and potentially harness the power of a wide range of paranormal phenomena.

With the termination of Project Stargate in 1995, the CIA and the various other agencies involved have since moved on to new frontiers.

The documents from Project Stargate were eventually made public under the Freedom of Information Act, revealing some truly bizarre things… so…

Here we are with eight of the strangest things that were uncovered:

1. Navajo Necklace

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Among the notes included in the Stargate documents are several records of remote viewing sessions. Remote viewing is more commonly known as clairvoyance and pertains to the ability to see/sense a distant person or object.

One such session involves viewing an old Navajo necklace. Subject 052 was given some simple cues and geographical coordinates to begin with, with the goal being to see if 052 could describe a necklace that was stored there.

The scene the at Subject 052 described went far beyond the necklace, going so far as to see the craftsman who forged the chain and the moment of its creation.

2. Aliens in Alaska, Humans on Titan

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Another set of documents reveals the accounts of a subject who was sent on remote viewings of two places on Earth and also Titan, one of Saturn’s moons.

The subject observed a base on Titan’s surface, with creatures that were astonishingly human operating it. The base had two healthy, young males at a control panel, supervised by a very attractive female.

The subject also reported another viewing where he/she saw yet another structure near Mt. Hayes, Alaska with two alien entities. Inside was a human-looking technician who seemed friendly. The third and last viewing in this document recalls a site somewhere in Africa or South America manned by some kind of inhuman robot and a pale, hairless humanoid.

3. Soviet Parapsychology

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Ever since the end of WWII, the United States government and its intelligence agencies looked upon the USSR with an ever-increasing sense of distrust (eventually becoming The Cold War).

That’s why it wasn’t especially surprising to find a document listing various incidences of the Russian government looking into the use of psychic abilities. In many ways, our own investigations into these ideas were fueled by Cold War paranoia about the enemy gaining some kind of competitive edge.

4. Exploring Mars

Joe McMoneagle is one of the more famous subjects to have participated in Project Stargate, having participated in a wide range of missions.

During one of his remote viewing sessions, his handler received a sealed envelope with coordinates for Joe to focus on from inside a sensory deprivation tank. Unbeknownst to either of them, the coordinates were timespace coordinates for the planet Mars, 1 million B.C.E.

Joe was able to see a giant, sandy pyramid and vast storms in the sky – seemingly from some kind of geologic catastrophe. Going back further in time to before the catastrophe, the pyramid was shimmering metal, populated by a tall, slender race of people, who claim they are doomed to die unless they can find another world to live on.

It was later revealed that the coordinates Joe focused on were the Cydonia region of Mars, where, curiously enough, is a giant mountain that resembles a pyramid.

5. Evaluations of Remote Viewing

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The Stanford Research Institute (SRI) was brought in by the CIA as an outside contractor to help manage the investigation of paranormal intelligence gathering.

SRI also evaluated Project Stargate’s findings at the conclusion of the project in 1995, and determined that remote viewing was unlikely to be of any use to the intelligence community. Eerily, however, they did acknowledge finding statistically significant evidence that these phenomena might be real.

6. Uri Geller

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Few people elicit the level of reaction or polarize people quite like Uri Geller. Just look at the comments section on any of his videos.

Many of his supernatural feats can be replicated through stage magic, although he claims his tricks are done solely with the power of his mind. On the other hand, he did make a sizeable fortune making surprisingly apt financial decisions and also helping various corporations locate mineral resources.

The Project Stargate documents also revealed that Geller had sufficiently impressed the CIA with his feats to have been involved with the project.

7. Ingo Swann

Photo Credit: The Living Moon

Another famous participant in Project Stargate was Ingo Swann, who along with remote viewing also showed an aptitude for other paranormal phenomena such as psychokinesis.

While remote viewing was most valuable from an intelligence standpoint, they still decided to investigate Ingo’s psychokinetic abilities by testing if he could alter the results of a random number generator. According to the report, he succeeded.

9. Psychic Probe of Jupiter

Photo Credit: NASA/JPL

Another incident involving Swann featured a remote viewing session of Jupiter at the same time as another remote viewer, Harold Sherman, who was in a sensory deprivation tank several hundred miles away.

When the two men compared notes later, they were shocked to discover that they had both seen the same major details, successfully identifying the Great Red Spot and endless fields of crystals suspended amongst billowing clouds.


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