A Thread on Why Modeling for Art Students Leaves Some Models Cold

I never really thought too much about the people who model for art students while they’re practicing drawing the human form – I saw Felicity, and I sat up and paid more attention when it was Jesse Williams on Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants 2, but I mean. I never really spent much time thinking about the gig.

When you do start to think about what it might be like to sit naked in a room full of strangers, though, you might come up with any number of questions – and still, you might not hit on the idea that the whole prospect can seem a bit…chilly.

You might have an idea that the whole thing is somehow s^xy, but models are here to tell you that is not at all correct.

Image Credit: Cheezburger

And protip: if you’re hiring a nude model for a drawing class, please invest in space heaters. As many as you can get.

Image Credit: Cheezburger

But wait. Maybe too warm a room isn’t a good idea.

Better shoot for a comfortable temperature.

Image Credit: Cheezburger

There are bound to be awkward moments, but there are good ones, too.

Image Credit: Cheezburger

Artists have to suffer for their art, but these are just models looking for a paycheck.

They shouldn’t have to suffer just because it’s taking you forever to figure out how to get that hand just right.

Make sure they’re warm or else.

And yes, I know that hands are hard.

Image Credit: Cheezburger

I don’t know why but there is just something so wholesome about this thread.

Have you ever been a nude model? Drawn one?

Tell us in the comments what the experience was like for you – I’m more curious than ever now!