These 12 People Reveal Their Traumatic Experience with Night Terrors

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Nightmares are never fun, but night terrors–characterized by inconsolable screaming and thrashing–can actually start to negatively impact your life.

Sometimes people have no idea why their brain gives them night terrors.

Others tie it back to trauma they have suffered in the past.

Whatever the reason, it can be embarrassing and take a toll on relationships.

These 12 people have certainly had a hard time with their night terrors.

1. Not a child, but feeling childish

A lot of children have night terrors, but when you don’t grow out of them, it can make you feel ashamed.

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2. It’s your brain, trying to work things out

Where do you turn when even therapy doesn’t help?

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3. Security is security

Some people use weighted blankets, others still have their baby blankets.

Whatever it takes, honestly.

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4. Maybe not just an old soul

Even in death there’s no escape…

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5. Honestly, who wouldn’t though?

That would be more horrifying than any scary movie.

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6. Survivor’s guilt is no joke

But what a gut-wrenchingly human response to trauma–to punish yourself endlessly.

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7. It’s never a good idea to tease

Like honestly, how freaking dare he?

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8. Ouch. Family can be hard

But maybe telling them would be freeing?

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9. Echoes of the past

The real tragedy is that you survived but it still haunts you.

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10. Just do your best

That’s really all anyone can do.

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11. They can be relentless

And so very exhausting.

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12. What a fun part of growing up

When you grow IN to them instead of growing OUT of them…

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The point is, everyone’s got stuff. Sometimes you can see it, and sometimes you can’t.

But there’s nothing to be ashamed of. We’re all just doing the best we can.

These posts make me really glad that I don’t have nightmares too often.

What about you? Any advice for combating them? Let us know in the comments.