A Wedding Guest Wonders How Much Honesty About The Food Is Too Much

I feel like, when it comes to weddings, most people go into the day realizing that it’s all about the bride and groom and what makes them happy. It’s literally one of the only times in your entire life that you get to choose everything you and your partner like – and sure, you hope that your guests will like it, too, but that’s really secondary, right?

Some guests, apparently, don’t realize that it’s not the day to complain.

Like this woman, for example, who has been dating the son of the bride for a couple of years before attending the small but elegantly planned second wedding ceremony and reception.

I’ve been with my BF “alex” for two years. I get along ok with his mom “Jane” sometimes she is a bit of a JustNoMIL. Anyway she got married recently and they wanted a smaller more laid back wedding, because she did the traditional wedding the first time. They got married at a vineyard and it was really nice.

The menu was dairy heavy, but sounded delicious – and you know. Some people love cheese!

For dinner there was fancy brick oven pizza and salad and later there was a mac and cheese bar. Dessert was caramel brownie cheesecake or berry cobblers (I hate cobbler) You probably caught on that there was a lot of cheese. There were also charcuterie boards, so a whole f**k ton of cheese.

OP ended up on the toilet and, to make matters worse, encountered the groom’s two daughters there talking crap about the bride and generally being awful and rude.

Don’t get me wrong, I like non-traditional weddings and the food was out of this world, but after dessert I was on the verge of shitting myself. I went to the bathroom, feeling like I was going to die, and it wasn’t pretty.

The grooms two daughter (late teens and early twenties) were in there. They are both horrible, they have talked so much shit about Jane, and are just mean girls.

When i came out they were both snickering and looking at me. I was mortified.

Instead of keeping the  bathroom incident (in it’s entirety) to herself, she decided to answer the bride’s polite “are you enjoying the wedding” question with a full accounting of what went down (in the toilet and with the daughters).

I ended up in there again, because holy heck that woman likes cheese.

Later I went over to where she was sitting with her new husband and Jane asked if I was having fun. i said it was beautiful, but admitted I’d been in agony because of her menu, and she really should have had some more balanced options, because a lot of people are dairy sensitive.

I then told the groom about what happened with his daughters. He just looked at me weird and then said it was his wedding night and he doesn’t want to hear an account of anyone sh%*ting.

Her boyfriend thinks she should have kept her troubles to herself because it was their wedding day and they wanted to have a nice time (obviously).

OP thinks she did them a favor by letting them known her complaints “for future parties.”

My BF got annoyed and said I should have just lied, because you don’t complain to the couple at the wedding, but I feel like she should know for future parties, and he should know so he can talk to his daughters.

Jane is on her honeymoon, so I don’t know if she is mad. She didn’t seem it, but a couple of y friends said I am the asshole and it isn’t Jane’s problem.

What does Reddit think of her behavior? They’re about to let it fly!

Short and sweet answer? Yes, you’re a jerk to bring that up on her wedding day.

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Unless you have an actual allergy, you can’t expect anyone at a large event not FOR YOU to care about your diet.

And even then, they’ll just provide an ingredient warning.

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She’s a guest, not a paying customer.

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Also, yeah…no one FORCED her to keep eating something that would upset her stomach.

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See? If you have an intolerance, you’ve got to look out for yourself.

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I definitely agree with Reddit on this one – you can’t go to a wedding expecting anyone to be thinking about you if you’re not the bride or the groom.

What say you? Was she out of line? Not? Share with us in the comments!