Adults Share The Moment They Saw Too Much Online As A Kid

The internet is amazing and great for so many reasons, but also, it can be a really dangerous place for those who aren’t aware they need to handle it carefully – which of course includes kids, who are still learning the ins and outs of how terrible people can be.

These 15 adults will never forget the moment they realized they’d gone too far into the internet as a kid, because their childhood was never really the same.

Warning: Not a one of these is SFW.

15. They still wish they hadn’t.

Friends and I stumbled across the pain olympics one day, we were never the same.

14. Just like that.

Was watching a video of a dispute at a Chinese building site or something.

One guy just all of a sudden put a pick axe through the top of the other guys head.

13. They couldn’t look away.

Al Qaida beheading at like 11 years old… I still hear the scream…

Nobody wanted to be the one to look away, but I really wish I would have.

12. No one needs to see that.

It was a video from ISIS of a soldier they had captured and they put him in a cage and burned him alive, the fear you saw and the way he tried to get away from the flames and how he was alive for so long and you could see the agony in the way he was moving….

Damn, it still makes my heart break….

11. I think we’re all done now.

Faces of Death

2 Girls 1 Cup

Also seeing some weird porn where a dude shoved his entire bald head inside of a woman. Which certainly gives a new meaning to giving or getting “head”.

Okay I’m done now.

10. Just all of it.

The guy with the jar that exploded in his a$$.

And rotten.com

9. Not something cool.

I once scanned a random QR code I found in a college dorm thinking it’d be something cool.

It was Tubgirl.

8. It will haunt you.

Funkytown video.

Watched a few seconds, was a lot but not crazy. Learned it was supposed to be sound on. Got maybe ONE second because sadly I skipped right to a gurgle.

Haunts me. I genuinely almost passed out

7. Thanks I hate it.

There was a video on YouTube of a guy feeding live rats to one of those alligator snapping turtles in a glass tank.

It was brutal. Even years later, I can’t shake the image of the front half of a rat futilely trying to swim away from the monster that just tore it in two.

I mean, I grew up on rotten.com and stileproject, I’ve seen all the classics, but this one stuck with me.

6. Super creepy, really.

Technically a teen, I think 16, is when some imageboard (not 4chan but similar culture) found my fiction accounts and picked apart all my stories line by line.

Then one of them sent me a link to the thread so that I’d see it.

That’s the only time I ever got upset enough on the internet to talk to my mom about it haha

5. Just why?

Ratemypoo.com People would take pictures of their crap in the toilet and people would get to rate it.

I saw some scary looking bowel movements that I cant erase in my mind to this day. might I add, it does seem mild compared to what is on the web now, but this was circa 2001. The web was not as extreme back then.

4. I mean, it’s all sad.

The guy who jumped from a bridge and landed on his face. Then few moments later you can see the middle part of his face is gone.

The sad thing is, HE IS STILL ALIVE.

3. Just still don’t do this.

The dude who grabbed a revolver out of a Manila envelope from the podium he was standing in front of. Blew his head off live on Public Access tv.

He did it so his family would get his pension and benefits since he died in office rather than resign or be sacked.

2. Who videos these things?

There was a video of a motorcyclist who got jumped and stabbed in the skull with a screwdriver on YouTube before it got taken down.

The whole story behind it is even more sickening. These 3 Ukranian kids basically went on a blood spree killing 21 people including little kids and pregnant woman.

They filmed at least 6 murders and only the 3 Guys 1 Hammer video got leaked. I think Ive never seen anything more evil ever.

1. Poor Dad.

When I was a kid, there was no internet, just Faces of Death VCRs.

I’ve always loved horror movies, and these were in the horror section of Blockbuster. My mom was gone for the weekend so I convinced my dad to have a horror marathon with me (I was like, 12/13ish) and we rented a couple of those to watch not knowing what they were.

We both sat there in horror, me clutching my stuffed animal, as about 30 mins played before my dad turned it off.

I think we all have moments like these (but hopefully not more than a couple).

Look out for your kids, parents, or they’ll have stories of their own soon!