An Anonymous Diner Left a $16,000 Tip for Their Hot Dogs

Every server hears stories about those anonymous, wealthy patrons who also realize the value of the hard work that most servers put in day in and day out and leave them an astronomical, life-changing tip.

It happens, we know, but it’s hard to believe it could ever happen to us.

I would suspect that goes double for people who sell mostly hot dogs. Not that there’s anything wrong with hot dogs, but. You know.

That’s exactly what happened at the Stumble Inn Bar and Grill in New Hampshire, though.

The person’s tab for a couple of chili dogs came to $37.93, but they left $16,037.93 on their card.

No one noticed the large total at first, according to local news outlet WMUR, and thought the customer was just being funny when he told them a couple of times not to “spend it all in one place.”

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Once they saw how much of a tip was on the bill they called the owner, Mike Zarella, who thought it must have been some kind of mistake.

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When he talked to the customer about it, though, he just said “I want you to have it, you guys work hard.”

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The restaurant is a local favorite, and based on the regular’s comments on Facebook, they definitely deserve it.

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The Stumble Inn has struggled over the past year like most other restaurants, having to close indoor seating and make do with takeout words and outdoor dining, so the entire staff is sharing the unexpected windfall between them.

Which honestly, makes me feel like they deserve it even more.

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