Beautiful Photos of Snow That Will Make You Appreciate The Cold Winter Months

We’re really in the middle of it right now, aren’t we?

In case you didn’t read the title of this article, I’m talking about WINTER.

Miserable, freezing, never-ending winter…it sure can be a drag, huh?

But, as you’re about to see, there are some really nice things about winter, too. Sledding, skiing, snowboarding, and other outdoor activities.

And one of the best things we get to enjoy during these cold months is the pure, natural beauty of the snow that falls from the heavens.

Enjoy these great pics and stay warm out there!

1. This pic is wonderful!

I guess the wind was blowing that way, huh?

Snow Striped Forest
byu/dittidot inpics

2. I’m glad I’m not in this place right now.

Looks a little too cold for my blood.

This stop sign after a week of no sun
byu/Tacos_and_weed inoddlysatisfying

3. Looks like a toy village, doesn’t it?

Are we sure this is real? Really?

The way the snow accumulated
byu/DrFetusRN inoddlysatisfying

4. Enjoy the spiral snow.

This is so cool!

The snow melted and slid down the wire in a spiral form
byu/kubricks_cube inmildlyinteresting

5. Out on the frozen prairie.

Just like hay bales!

Snow Rolls formed by the wind
byu/thewrongun inoddlysatisfying

6. What a great photo.

Into the great unknown…

The snowfall on this train trestle
by inoddlysatisfying

7. Well, isn’t this a nice surprise?

You have a new decoration. At least for a day or two…

Snow melted to form a moustache on my car this morning
byu/shellderp inmildlyinteresting

8. Perfect patterns as far as the eye can see.

Don’t step out there and ruin it!

So it snowed on the cabbage field…
byu/9999monkeys inpics

9. Curvy snow waves.

I bet this would fun to explore on skis or a snowboard.

This lone tree and the curvy snow waves
byu/earthmoonsun inoddlysatisfying

10. Finland looks absolutely delightful.

I love all those colors!

These Snow covered cars in Finland
byu/Luciphyr729 inoddlysatisfying

11. He did a great job!

Getting creative with the snow!

A guy in my city shoveled this snow pattern in his driveway.
byu/Jeromiewhalen inpics

Have you taken any cool snow photos this winter?

If so, please share them with us in the comments.

Thanks a lot! And remember to bundle up when you go outside. It’s cold out there!