“Beer Me!” The Sudski Shower Beer Holder Brings Booze to Bath Time

What costs just $15 and can hold you shower beer securely so there’s no spillage?


Photo Credit: 30 Watt

What you’re looking at is the Sudski Shower Beer Holder (http://drinkintheshower.com), a foolproof way to enjoy ANY canned beverage while you take care of the business of getting clean. You can buy it online. here.


Not a beer guy/gal? Well, how about a canned wine? Or a soda?

And of course you can go uber-healthy and bring a sparking water or kombucha into the mix.


As long as it’s canned, the Sudski can hold them all.

Photo Credit: 30 Watt

AND… it comes in a variety of colors including Camo and Americana!

It can even accommodate things like stainless steel tumbler (Yeti anybody) in case you want to bring a coffee into the shower to help speed up your morning routine. You can buy it here.

One more awesome feature?

It’s not just for the shower. This thing can stick in pretty much any place with a smooth surface. That means shower tile (of course) laminate, glass and mirror surfaces.

Photo Credit: 30 Watt

Best part? It easily removes without leaving residue behind.

So if you feel like you need some hydration help, the Sudski does the job of a can holder.

Where can you pick one up? Glad you asked!

30 Watt, the maker of Sudski, links to a lot of places online…

You can buy the SUDSKI at Urban Outfitters, Target, Duluth Trading Co., Uncommon Goods, Scheels, Ace Hardware, Paper Source, Walmart and more.

However… if you want to have the option of grabbing the Camo or Americana colors… you can buy it on their website http://drinkintheshower.com

Enjoy your shower beers, fam!