Customer Roasts Antique Store For Selling a $9 Item for Over $200

I’m gonna go on the record right now and say that going to antique stores and thrift stores is NOT my thing.

Not by a long shot…

But a lot of people out there love spending their spare time and their weekends digging through discarded junk and treasures.

And you know people who enjoy doing this stuff are looking for deals…and they know when they’re getting ripped off.

Check out the video below from a TikTok user that felt like this ran into a major case of price gouging.

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And here’s what folks who saw the video on TikTok had to say about it.

This person thinks the folks at this particular store are selling fairly.

Photo Credit: TikTok

But this TikTokker had a different opinion and thinks the whole world is going to Hell in a handbasket…hmmm…

Photo Credit: TikTok

And another individual said that there’s nothing wrong with this and that maybe people need to be doing more of this so they can stack some extra cash.

Photo Credit: TikTok

This individual had some thoughts about the whole thing.

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And this person had a pretty interesting idea…not sure if it’s legal, though…

Photo Credit: TikTok

Well, it seems like this video divided a lot of people right down the middle.

Have you ever had any experiences like this in a thrift store?

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