Customer Service Workers Share the 10 Things They Really Want You to STOP Doing

Have you ever had to work a job where you had to deal with the general public every day?

If you haven’t, I’ll let you in on a little secret…it kind of sucks!

People complain, they harass you, they think you owe them something. It can be a real sh*tshow. And don’t even get me started on those wild “Karens.” They’re real and they’re usually out for blood.

Do you want to take a look at some posts about the things that customer service workers really don’t like?

I thought you’d say YES! Let’s check them out.

1. Do you really love your job?

You don’t have to lie to us. I think we can tell you don’t.

I Love My Job from memes

11. Oh, no, please don’t leave!

You know you’ve heard this one before. Bet on it!

3. I’ve heard that one before…

And I’m gonna keep hearing it over and over.

Anyone else get this at the register?? from retailhell

4. I ain’t wearing no mask!

These people are really delightful.

Soooo spot on! from Target

5. I made it!

Well, isn’t that incredibly rude?

6. What do you think?

Well, the doors are locked…so…

7. I know it’s not my fault…

Enough with the abuse!

8. Hey o! Never heard that one before!

Thank you for the comedy gold!

9. Hmmmm…don’t need to hear that one again…

But nice try…

10. Don’t you wish you were outside?

What are you doing stuck in here?

Now we want to hear from you… even though these employees don’t.

Have you ever had any bad experiences when you were working in customer service? Ever been a horrible customer and later regretted it?

Tell us your stories in the comments!