Did This Woman Go Too Far When She Got Her Interviewer Fired?

I absolutely love that more and more women are standing up for themselves when they’re treated badly or unfairly in the workplace or anywhere else. It’s progress!

It will be even more progress when we don’t have to ask other people if we did the right thing afterward, though.

This woman went in for a job interview and was asked what she felt like were personal (and inappropriate) questions.

I (f27) went to a job interview for a potential job opportunity at this company. The interviewer, we’ll call him “Eddie” (30ish) welcomed me into the office and had me sit down.

First thing he did was look at my CV then started asking me questions that seemed a little to personal and unrelated to the job. like if I was in a relationship, wether my eye color was “real” or just ‘lenses”, also asked about how I spend my time when “alone” and what type of dudes I like.

Like legit personal questions.

At some point she got fed up and pointed it out, at which point her interviewer got huffy with her.

After an argument he made it clear she would not be getting the job and she informed him that she would be reporting him to management.

Don’t know if he was testing how I react but I kept it cool til he asked me the question of what my greatest weakness was. I responded by saying “keeping up with your inappropriate questions and answering them politely!”.

He looked at me upset and then told me I had an “attitude”. it was clear that the interview was over. He told me I didn’t get the job which I found unfair because I don’t think I deserved to lose the job over what? nothing.

I got into an argument with him then told him I was going to report him.

She did just that, and wasn’t sure she wanted another interview – even after learning the interviewer had been fired.

I went to speak to the supervisor and filed a complaint against Eddie. the supervisor apologized to me and tried to reschedule a new interview but I was hesitant about it. Later I was told that Eddie got fired which made me feel guilty.

Her family thinks she went too far in reporting him, and the jerk has reached out via email to berate her further, making her think maybe she was somehow in the wrong.

My mom and dad agreed that his questions were inappropriate but said that I went too far by reporting him and having him fired.

Eddie tried contacting me via email saying that what I did could’ve been resolved between us and even said he could’ve arranged a new interview for me but I “ruined” it for myself and cost him his job.


Is Reddit going to back her up? Let’s find out!

The top commenter worries that the guy might turn out to be a stalker and she should actually take things a step further.

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Everyone is pretty sure he didn’t get fired for a single incident, after all.

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Maybe he could, though, because what he did was probably illegal.

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Either way, she should not feel guilty about anything.

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And she should definitely take this seriously.

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I’m slightly worried for this woman, but I’m so glad she got the validation she deserved from Reddit.

Would you have been so assertive? Would you have just left and never looked back? Tell us which and why in the comments!