Drive-Thru Workers Share the Weirdest Things They’ve Seen on the Job

I’ve worked in fast food places in the past, but I can’t say I was ever lucky enough to work a drive-thru…and I still kind of regret it.

Because, based on these stories, it looks like every day is a wacky adventure!

AskReddit users talked about the craziest things they’ve seen in the drive-thru.

Let’s check it out!

1. That’s smart.

“I used to see someone come through with a lifelike mannequin in their passenger seat.

I asked about it and turns out they did it to use the commuter lanes on the highway.

You must have more than 1 person in the car or cop a fine.”

2. Weird…

“Either the guy sitting with a dog in his passenger seat and a coyote and a deer chilling in the back, or the woman wearing just a bra…but that one is more traumatizing.”

3. Mary.

“There was this woman that would come through and get a hot chocolate every day. Her name was Mary.

Mary was an older gal in her 70’s, drove an early 90’s Lincoln, usually had some old tunes playing, and weighed 60lbs, if that.

She was always so happy and so nice. I always gave her drinks for free because it was always such a treat to see her and she was just so nice.

One other feature I remember is she always rocked suspenders and a random colored fedora every day. I think she reminded me of Ms. Frizzle after she retires.

One day, she comes through and orders her usual. I said, “Mary, why are you always in such a good mood? What’s your secret?”

She smiles and waves me closer. I lean out of the drive thru window and she says, “Really, really good drugs.” She winks at me, turns her radio up, and cruises out of the parking lot. Mary is my hero.”

4. Meet my friend.

“The driver had a comically large d*ldo in the passenger seat.

He’d buckled it in and put a hat on it.”

5. Drunk driving.

“Had a drunk guy come through drive thru. A cop car was in line right behind him.

Told the cops about the drunk guy (he was blitzed and was going to kill someone). Cops said they knew as they were planning on pulling him over before he turned in and went to the drive thru. They decided they were hungry and decided to get food too before pulling him over.

They stayed at the back window and had us give them their food first so they could follow him out. Pulled him over in the parking lot. Was kind of entertaining.”

6. That’s a YES.

“Does a naked man with bags from Burger King and Taco Bell already count as a “thing”?”

7. You again!

“There was this really cute blonde girl that would always come through the drive thru naked on Saturday nights. Every now and then she would have another friend with her.

We always knew when it was her by the constant giggles coming from her car as she ordered. We always had weird customers, being it was the worlds largest Mcdonalds located in Orlando Florida.

An order for 88 big macs or 120 cheeseburgers was not out of the ordinary though.”

8. Don’t mind her.

“This dude pulled up and his girlfriend or whatever was almost entirely naked on the seat next to him, sleeping.

When he pulled up, he saw my shocked expression, pulled her thin jacket (the only thing on her body besides the seatbelt) to cover her n*pple and asked for some ketchup.

He was shockingly casual.”

9. Let’s eat!

“This girl used to come through with like 3 dogs. I finally asked her, “do you have to feed these beasts?”

And she explained that she just walks and grooms them. Well, one day she came through the drive through with like 15 dogs and she screams through the intercom “MY BUSINESS FINALLY TOOK OFF” and got a bunch of chicken tacos for them.

Come to think of it…I think she may have been trying to flirt with me. “

10. G’day.

“I worked at a McDonald’s in a small town in Michigan (think 2 stop lights)

When the car pulled up to the front window, they had a whole baby kangaroo in their lap.

I don’t know where they got that from or why, but the closest zoo was 2 hours away.”

11. Good thinking.

“I worked at Domino’s and one lady used a hand crocheted blanket to keep her pizzas warm.

Kept the blanket in the front seat and draped it over the boxes. I crochet, so I know how much work went into that blanket…”

12. People are strange.

“It was either the 12 year old driving or the lady in a right hand drive car.

The fact she had the audacity to get mad at me because I couldn’t reach her money…”

13. Gotcha!

“I worked a drive through at Arby’s and a DEA agent came through in his squad car.

When he pulled up to the window and I handed him his food and he thanked me, turned around into the criminal holding area and screamed “SHUT UP BEFORE I BREAK YOUR NOSE!”

I was clearly mortified. Then he turned back to me and said “just kidding there’s nobody back there”, laughed, and drove off.”

Hey, those were wild!

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