Was Einstein Wrong About the Speed of Light?

Photo Credit: Ferdinand Schmutzer/Adam Cuerden

When it comes to the speed of light, we’re used to two constants:

  • Nothing moves faster than the speed of light.
  • The speed of light never changes.

The speed of light is:

299,792, 458 meters per second


186,000 miles per second


671 million miles per hour

This is what allows for the idea that space and time are relative, and perhaps, flexible.

That’s also kind of the linchpin that holds Einstein’s Theory of Special Relativity together.

But, what if, like a long time ago, for an insanely short amount of time, like just a fraction of a second, it used to be faster?

Or what if the speed of light is not and has never been constant?

But what if we don’t have the tools to prove it?

Check out this video from Discovery for more on cosmic inflation, the horizon problem, and why light doesn’t actually slow down when it goes through a glass:

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