Funny Tweets to Give Your Day a Big Boost

I’ve seen you around lately and I can tell, I CAN TELL, that you need a pretty big boost in your life.

And you’re in luck because we got the goods, friends!

I’m talking about funny tweets that sure to make you feel better and to put you in a much better headspace.

So hang on tight and let’s laugh together at some very funny tweets.


1. This is very accurate.

Go ahead and listen and you’ll see this is right on the money.

2. I want to live on this street.

That’s my biggest goal in life. Is that weird…?

3. Who could have done this?

Well, it certainly wasn’t ME!

4. I totally agree.

I look back on that year fondly…compared to this one.

5. I think I understand why she’s leaving you. 

I can’t say I blame her too much!

6. The jury is still out on this one.

But scientists are hard at work trying to figure it out.

7. That’s not a good response.

You’re blowing it, man!

8. We’re living in a new world now.

So just do what you have to do.

9. Never say that!

Under any circumstances!

10. No shorts on Sundays.

That might have been the reason, actually…

11. Wait? They’re not great?

This really changes things…

12. Time for a career change.

Didn’t last too long as a firefighter…

13. They don’t seem to listen very well.

I said no!

Okay, now we want YOU to make US laugh.

In the comments, please share some funny memes, tweets, jokes, and photos that have made you chuckle lately.

Thanks in advance!