Grandparent Wants to Know if They’re Wrong for Buying More Expensive Gifts for Their Granddaughter Than Their Grandson

A word to the wise: if you buy more expensive gifts for one grandchild over another, some people are going to take notice.

I’m not saying that makes it wrong or anything, but you know how people can be about that kind of stuff…

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AITA for buying my granddaughter more expensive gifts than my grandson?

“I have many grandchildren but this is about the oldest ones , Jake(18) and Maya(18) (they are cousins not siblings)

18th birthdays are very important in our family so for Jake’s 18th birthday I told him I will buy him whatever he wants (as long as it’s reasonable of course). He told me he needs a new phone so I bought one for him which costed me around 1000 dollars. I encouraged him to choose other gifts as well but he said it’s enough.

for Maya’s 18th birthday I did the same thing and told her to choose whatever she wants, she gave me a list of the things that she wanted and it costed me about 7000 dollars.

I was a bit unsure whether I should buy them or not but decided that it would be unfair if I don’t buy it because Jake had the same offer and he chose not to get anything else.

Jake’s father(my son) was very angry at Maya’s birthday. He said I’m showing favoritism. I tried to explain to him that I’m not because Jake had the same offer.

his argument was that I raised Maya (her parents worked a lot and I was basically her babysitter) while I didn’t have as much contact with Jake (his mom was a SAHM) so naturally Maya would be closer to me and it would be easier for her to ask me for things.”

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