Groom Wants To Know If He’s Wrong For Refusing A Titanic-Themed Wedding

Anyone who spends time reading posts on the subreddit Am I The A$$hole knows 100% that weddings – which are supposed to be the happiest days of our lives – can often bring out the absolute worst in everyone involved instead.

People argue about guests, catering, attire, and sure, the theme (if you’re the sort of person to want one) – which is exactly what’s riling up this couple.

The argument began when OP learned that his fiancee wanted their wedding to be Titanic themed because he’s always loved the movie and found it so romantic, etc etc.


When OP pointed out that the wedding was about them both and he didn’t care about Titanic, his fiancee basically stormed off to cry.

My fiance (33M) is obsessed with the Titanic movie and wants our whole wedding to be Titanic-themed. I (23M) don’t really like the movie that much and I figured that it’d be unfair to theme our entire wedding about something that only one of us cares about.

I told him I wouldn’t mind some Titanic references here and there but he started crying and said he wants the whole thing to be Titanic-themed because that’s “the wedding he always dreamed about”.

He then stormed out the house and hasn’t spoken to me since (this was two days ago).

OP is feeling badly and his parents pointed out that marriage is all about sacrifice, so he’s wondering if perhaps he should just go along.

I feel bad for making him cry but I still think he’s being unreasonable. I spoke to my parents about it and they said that if I want to get married I need to learn to make sacrifices so I should just go along with it.


He did update with an edit stating the two of them did come to a compromise regarding theme, which is that they each get to pick one and do a mashup.

Edit: He came round today and said he was sorry for overreacting, it was just something he’d been really passionate about for ages.

We’ve agreed to have a dual theme for our wedding, Titanic and Batman/Gotham because I’m a big Batman fan.

Thanks everyone for your (mostly) helpful advice 🙂

All might be well that ends well, but…you’re going to want to read these comments from Redditors anyway.

Like the top comment, for instance, which is just downright hilariously on point.

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It will be a day they’ll never forget, for sure.

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I mean I guess this is always an option.

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Why stop there?

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Tacky and tone-deaf, but also…

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I’m concerned that nowhere in OP’s argument against this idea was the problem of the Titanic being not only a sinking ship, but one of the most famous disasters in history.

Why would you want to kick off your life together like that?!

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