A Guy Created A Series Of Fake, Profane Book Covers And Took Them On The Subway

Photo Credit: YouTube

Comedian Scott Rogowsky often rides the subway, and one day he decided to amuse himself in a very unusual way on the ride home.

Photo Credit: YouTube

Photo Credit: YouTube

He created a series of fake book covers, took them on the subway, and recorded people’s reactions.

I have to admit, I’d read some of these.

But some are so, so, so very wrong.


Photo Credit: YouTube

But people were interested regardless of the subject matter.

Other notable titles include ‘Slut-Shaming Your Baby,’ ‘Mein Kampf for Kids,’ and ‘Definitely Not Porn.’

Oh, and this one…


Photo Credit: YouTube

Which, somehow, is inspired by real life?!?

Faith… in… humanity… slipping…

Check out the full video of hilarious reactions.

SOURCES: Bored Panda, YouTube, Running Late Show