Guy Wonders If He’s Wrong To Choose His Cat Over Family

There’s no doubt that for a majority of people who have pets, they are like family – we treat them as well as we would anyone else that we love, and we include them in ways that we believe will make everyone’s lives better.

This man is no exception, and even went the extra mile in adopting a cat that would likely have been euthanized had he left her behind – she’s missing her eyes and a leg, and is all black on top of that.

I (m27) have a cat named stargazer. I adopted her around 3 years ago and she’s truly a little survivor. She was abused and as a result has no eyes and only 3 three legs.

Nobody wanted to adopt her because of her deformities and she’s also a black cat so i did bc she was gonna be euthanized otherwise.

Recently his sister, brother-in-law, and their two daughters (11) moved nearby and they asked OP if he could babysit.

He said sure, as his nieces are old enough to be no trouble and also his cat loves women and children. The girls were a little freaked out by her appearance at first but quickly settled in, calling her cute and giving her all of the attention she deserves.

My sister moved into my city this week and her and her husband (both 43) needed someone to watch the kids since they were gonna have a grown up celebrate party. I agreed.

Both my nieces are 11 so they’re not too little for me to handle and i’d also be great enrichment for my cat since she loves children and women (i’m the only man she trusts).

My nieces loved her and while they first were a little scared they thought she was cute after a while.

When OP’s sister arrived to pick up the girls, she saw the cat and completely lost her mind, calling kitty demonic and dragging her daughters out the door.

A subsequent phone call from the brother-in-law informed OP that he would not be allowed to have his nieces over again until he got rid of the cat.

My sister went to pick them up and as the bell rang my cat went running also to the door and when my sister saw her she freaked out and started screaming.

My cat ran away due to the noise and my sister started yelling at me that i let my cat around her kids and saying she’s demonic.

The next day her husband called and said unless the cat goes i’ll never have them over again.


Was OP wrong to introduce his nieces to his cat? Should he choose kitty over seeing the girls?

You know Reddit has some thoughts!

Basically, no one thinks this kitty could be scary or demonic and everyone wants to see her.

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People are also concerned with Stargazer’s safety around these clearly deranged humans.

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Not only is the sister being weird and rude, she’s also not doing a very good job parenting.

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This post has angered the Reddits, for real.

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After the cat, we want to make sure the kids are all right.

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These people are honestly insane, I think. It’s a cat. Who cares what it looks like as long as it’s not violent toward kids?

Would you be comfortable with your kids around Stargazer? Tell us why (we’re not entertaining the why nots) in the comments!