Have You Ever Seen a Calm Person Totally Lose Their Cool? People Responded.

Beware of the really calm ones…because they’re usually the people who can really lose their cool in a big way.

So keep an eye on them and try not to p**s them off, okay?

AskReddit users shared stories about when they saw calm people totally lose their cool.

Have a look.

1. One and done.

“One of my teachers in high school was THE calmest dude.

Never yelled, never told kids off, would just laugh and smile and wait for us all to calm down and then continue with his teaching. One day we must have been particularly rowdy and we weren’t calming down like we usually did.

He couldn’t get a word in edge ways. I could see him getting increasingly frustrated and eventually he just bellowed SHUUUUTTT UPPPPP And the entire class was shocked into silence. He never had to do it again.”

2. Sorry, Mom…

“It takes a lot to make my mom yell. On the rare occasion she did yell, it still felt like she had self control. Like she yelled on purpose, because there was a reason to yell (like she needed to be that loud for us to hear us, or one of the kids needed to learn to never run into traffic again.)

But one morning when we were teenagers, my brother was being really, really difficult.

And my very sweet, soft-spoken mother yelled “GOD D**N IT SHAWN” and threw a butter knife down so hard it stuck, 1/4 inch deep, in oak hardwood floor. Against the grain. I can still hear the noise it made.

We were all very, very well behaved for the rest of the day.”

3. A placid human being.

“Colleague at work was getting chewed out by a customer about something completely irrelevant.

The dude was one of the most placid humans I’ve ever met but he just snapped and tore in to this guy for about 10 minutes until the manager came down and took him to one side. Never saw him lose it like that again.”

4. Good job.

“I was chilling at a friend’s house as a kid.

His dad was the chillest, nicest guy. That day, my friend’s mom was across the street talking to the neighbor about something.

Neighbor was one of those guys who never respected common etiquette: music blaring, parking his s**tty boat in front of other people’s house, cars parked on the lawn. The neighbor started screaming at thr mom and we all went out on the stoop to see what was happening. As soon as we got outside, the guy called my friend’s mom a c**t.

Well, my friend’s dad heard that and went full Hulk mode. He ran SCREAMING across the street and just f**king decked the guy and crouched over him shouting warnings and threats. Took a while for his wife to calm him down. I don’t think any of them had ever seen him react to something in that way, maybe even the dad himself.”

5. Kitchen life.

“I worked as a line cook with a chef who I became really good friends with. Really chill dude, easy going, and actually super fun to cook with.

Never really saw him get mad until one day, we were getting slammed during busy night and one of the servers said something that really ticked him off, not sure if I ever heard what it was, but next thing I knew he had sent the deep fryer basket flying at Mach 1 across the kitchen, nearly missing the dish kid and shattering a light bulb.

He stormed off and 5 minutes later after a smoke break, came back and casually continued cooking as if nothing had happened.

He apologized about it the next day and we never talked about it again. The restaurant industry is a stressful place.”

6. Whoa.

“I used to see this woman in my building every day. Very friendly. We always checked on each other’s lives. We had lunch a few times over the years. It was friendly to a certain degree. A couple years passed.

She was much older than me. One day, riding the elevator, she told me that she was saying goodbye. I said I was sorry to see her go and asked why. She said she was retiring that day. I asked if her office was throwing a party or if she was celebrated.

She turned to me and her face contorted into an image of rage. She clenched her teeth and said she didn’t tell anyone in her office, including her bosses. She only told the HR person last week. This was her last day and she was never returning to see or talk to anyone in her office again.”

7. Proud of him.

“My husband.

FYI he works in a very hands-on clinic and has to be super calm and steady because he’s poking needles
in the joints, elbows and knees of squeamish patients all day.

I was brought into emergency because my labour wasn’t progressing, I was running a fever and baby was in distress.

He knew an emergency C-section was the only way but these two maternity nurses were just calmly chatting over my writhing form like it’s tea time. He very calmly asked them twice to call for the anaesthetist and get things going.

But they knew he’s always gentle and just nodded along without moving. More chatting.

I was half stoned when I witnessed this. He slammed both palms on the side of the stretcher and said, “Is no one listening? Get the consultant in here!”

I was very proud of him that day.”

8. Used to be half-asleep.

“I had a master sergeant at one of my units in the Army. Dude was half-asleep most of the time. I don’t think I ever heard him talk more than once.

One day all the guys get called into the large classroom and he’s in there looking upset. He launches into a rant about how easy it is to pee into the toilet instead of on the ground in front of it.

Dude was passionate about where people p**sed. Drew a stick figure diagram all angrily showing how you use one hand to stabilize and aim the pre into the toilet. I had to keep from laughing because he seemed like he was about to blow his lid.”

9. Stormed out.

“I used to do seasonal work sorting tax returns. Like, 500 people in a warehouse size room sorting through returns, stacking them in boxes, etc. This one guy on my team, huge dude, a gentle giant, really nice.

Suddenly one day he smashes the table he’s working at, then flips a big box full of paperwork. It flew over my head and twenty feet away. He threw the table out of his way them stormed out. Turns out he was getting his paycheck garnished for something or other.”

10. Uh oh.

“Mechanic I worked with is getting verbally a**sed by a customer claiming he ripped him off.

Guy’s going off saying all sorts of r**ist s**t, then stepped up like he was gonna swing.

Henry beat him to the punch, literally. Then he calmly walked to the back office and called the cops on himself.”

11. You’re outta here.

“My math teacher in middle school. He would even brag about not being angry, and how it was a useless emotion.

One day this kid p**sed him off so bad he swiped all of the kid’s s**t off of the table in front of the whole class and kicked him out.”

12. Snapped.

“Had a friend ive know since we were kids. This event happened when him, myself, and two other friends were roomates and 21-22 y/o.

We will call him Kevin. He was always happy go lucky always smiling. The guy you call at 3am with a flat tire and he just ask where you’re at. Never one to start anything, always managing to defuse any situation with a smile, an offer of friendship, and a beer. While we on the other hand seemed to be in a bar fight every weekend. While Kevin would always be there to break it up. Regurlaly getting hit, but never swinging back.

He isn’t a big dude, 5’9″ ish maybe a bit over weight, but worked in labor intensive jobs at his family business since he was young so he was deceptively strong. Normally when breaking up fights he would just pick people up and set them down behind him. Something about being picked up by the biceps and just moved without violence or malice seemed to always take the fight out of people. It was like his super power.

Anyway we had a party at our house. This was an every weekend thing at the time. We were all outside sitting around a bonfire. A friend of a friend we will call steve was being a d**k. Getting in people’s face, saying he was gonna kick so and sos a** and we generally ignored him. He was d**nk and it was kinda his normal behavior, nobody took him seriously.

He got in kevins face screaming at him, bc he was sitting next to his ex girlfriend. Kevin let it slide, again he never gets angry or confrontational. At this point Steve has his forehead againts Kevin’s just sreaming. I guess something just snapped in Kevin.

Without any warning or words Kevin picked steve up by the throat and slammed him into the ground. At which point Kevin started to just beat the snot out of him, never letting go of his death grip on Steve’s throat. All of us were frozen for a second. This was the first time we had ever seen kevin be violent.

We quickly snapped out of it and ran to get them apart, but we found out that wasn’t going to be easy. It took two guys pulling Steve’s legs another two pulling Kevin’s and a final guy pulling Kevin’s hand from Steve’s throat. This entire event probably only lasted 20 seconds, but Kevin never stopped swinging.

Once they were apart Kevin snapped out of it and began apologizing to everyone including Steve. Kevin even went and got a wet rag and ice pack for Steve. Kevin kept apologizing to everyone the rest of the night for ruining the party. We told him he didn’t, besides we got in fights all the time just don’t worry about it.

After that night I’ve only seen Kevin snap once more. A guy sucker punked our friend in a bar while we were just talking on the patio. Guy ended up with a hand print on his throat and two black eyes. It again took several people to pull him off. Our always smiling Kevin has a genuinely frightening side when he stops smiling.”

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