He Asked His Wife to Work After He Told Her Not to Years Ago. Is He Wrong?

You expect me to work?!?!

You’re crazy!

Well, that doesn’t sound very good, now does it…?

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Oh, boy…

AITA for asking my wife to work after I told her she didn’t have to 16 years ago?

“We got married in ‘06 we had 3 kids in 3 years following and i stated to her that she can raise the kids while i work.. now the kids are 10,14 and 15 and in school from 8am to 3:30pm daily so i asked her to get a part time job to assist with a couple of our bills.

She went off on me stating i lied when i said she can be a stay at home mom when we got married and her family and mine are agreeing with her but i said it’s getting to be a mental strain on me financially since I’ve taken 2 pay cuts at work and don’t have the luxury of looking for new employment.

I even started doing food deliveries on the weekends just to keep 2 older kids in sports programs and when my youngest asked to do gymnastics and i saw the cost i said i can’t without sacrificing other required bills and now she says if i can’t afford a family why did i get married I’m just at a loss on what to do i work from home and even offered my wife a job with me part time while kids are in school just to answer a few of my calls and transfer them appropriately to the departments they need…

My family stated i told her she doesn’t have to work but our needs have changed since the kids require so much more money now then they did when they were younger and now my wife hasn’t spoken to me in 2 weeks and both sides of the family agree with her.”

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