He Brought His Whole Family to His Girlfriend’s Restaurant to Meet Her. Was It a Bad Move?

Hear me out, but maybe, just maybe, bringing your whole family to meet your girlfriend while she’s working as a server at a restaurant isn’t a great idea.

But maybe I’m the crazy one!

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AITA for bringing my entire family to the restaurant where my girlfriend was working as a server in order to meet her?

“I (24m) have been dating my girlfriend (26f) for several months. She works as a server at a local, popular restaurant.

My family has been for a few weeks now asking to meet her. I have two older sisters (31 and 27) as well as three nieces and mother and father who are both in their late fifties. My girlfriend doesn’t have a good relationship with her own parents and has expressed envy over me having a good relationship with mine. I’ve asked her a few times to come with me to meet my family but she’s always had an excuse why she couldn’t.

So, anyway, last weekend I brought my whole family (my parents as well as my sisters and their husbands and their kids) to her restaurant. I requested a table in her section. When she saw us I could tell that she was taken aback but she did her job well and even took the time to talk to us all and get to know my parents, sisters, brothers-in-law, and nieces as well as she could while still doing her job and taking care of her other customers.

Upon leaving my entire family expressed that they really liked her, that I was lucky, and that they were glad to have met her. They also left her a HUGE tip. I thought the whole thing was fine.

However, after she got off her shift my girlfriend texted me and said “Thanks a lot, you jacka**.” I called her and she went off on me about how I shouldn’t have blindsided her by bringing my whole family and how she should have had the chance to meet my family on her terms.

I responded that she didn’t seem to want to meet my family whenever I brought it up so that if it were to ever happen this was the way I’d figured out. But she said that what I did was wrong and that she had to give my family special attention at the expense of her other tables, which I think wasn’t true.

Maybe I shouldn’t have sprung my whole family on her in the way I did. But it went well, and I am kind of annoyed that she can’t see that.”

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