Women Who Love Women, What Do You Look For In A Date?

One of the best tools for understanding people and relationships that don’t look like our own is being able to ask honest questions and keep our non-judgmental ears open when they’re answered.

If you’re a man or a woman who identifies as straight, you might be curious what women-seeking-women look for in each other or in a relationship – and these 18 ladies are ready to dish!

18. Well that sounds adorable.

Someone cute.

I really like people who take affection well and likes to be spoiled a little.

17. The same as anyone else.

I just want to fall in love with my best friend and have the feelings returned </3

16. Hugs are life.

Someone who treats me well and gives good hugs.

Hugs are life

Been slacking hugs for a while.

15. No games please.

Brains, sense of humor, style, straightforward vibes.

14. I little love never hurt anyone.

A girl who likes me back

Edit: wtf um I just opened the app to all of these interactions and awards (that I have no idea what they mean btw) and I’m just shock ty lol

13. It never hurts.

A girl who expresses herself healthily and uplifts me.

Nice thighs don’t hurt either.

12. This might be a bit hard to find.

The ability to build a wooden shack with her bare hands, a desire to befriend wild bears and a talent when it comes to axe-throwing.

11. Opposites attract.

I am the introvert that needs to be adopted by an extrovert.

So a girl who is either super talkative that I can lovingly listen to all the time, or someone equally comfortable with silence.

Most of my partners have been rather extroverted and very talkative….including my friends too.

I just like to listen and laugh with them.

10. If that’s your thing.

A woman who has a genuine and vested interest in me, who has similar interests/things in common.

Giant gazongas are also a plus.

9. Everyone loves a sense of humor.

Assertive, strong-minded, intelligent As with anyone, a matching sense of humor!

8. It’s just practical.

Someone about the same size as me, so if the relationship works out our wardrobes double.

My gf’s tiny feet are a constant annoyance to me. She’s the same size and height but teeeny tiny feet.

7. Seems like a pattern.

My best friend LOL sigh

I realized I was into girls when I came to the conclusion I had been desperately in love with my high school best friend without realizing it. We stopped talking for a long time for unrelated reasons and I was legitimately heartbroken.

We’re friends again now but I don’t feel romantically attracted to her anymore. Plus she’s straight so it wouldn’t have worked out.

6. The big three.

Assertive kind and hawt.

5. There’s a reason for that.

A gamer. Surprisingly hard to find one where we’re interested in each other :’)

As I once heard. “The reason you can’t find a Gamer GF is because she’s not out there, she is at home gaming”

4. Maturity cannot be overstated.

That she is kind, smart, and has a sense of humour. It’s also nice if she has a nice smile but looks aren’t as important in my opinion.

I like a woman who can have a witty conversation with me and doesn’t bend to someone else’s opinions easily.

The most important thing is definitely how kind they are to other people though. It shows a lot about maturity.

3. She loves bad jokes.

Someone with a truck load of so-bad-they’re-good jokes.

2. This sounds wonderful.

Smart, witty, kind, and faithful.

Someone who gets me. Someone who likes me back.

Well yeah, if I were to make a move on another lesbian showing interest in me, that would obviously be

checks notes

predatory? Not what I expected, but hey, the notes never lie. Time to sit in a corner and never flirt with anybody ever so they don’t think I’m creepy.

1. This cracked me up.

i love me a scary lady. hard-asses are my weakness lol

I like the kind of woman that could kill me without trying.

Interesting, right? But honestly not all that surprising, because humans gotta human.

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