He Gave His Wife’s Ex-Boyfriend Money. Was He Wrong?

Is it wrong to give money to someone who used to date your ex-wife?

Stranger things have happened but you can see how it could possibly lead to some hurt feelings, right?

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AITA for giving my wife’s ex money?

“My wife divorced her now ex husband a few years ago and pays child support, she gave her rights to the kids.

She pays abt 600 dollars.I just found out she sometimes “forgets”. I’m not a lawyer but, Three kids, plus the income at the time they divorced should be around 2,000 just by articles, but this was up to the court.

I am very wealthy and make a really generous amount of income.

My wife was complaining that he kept calling her I asked why and then it unfolded. I told her to just give him the money. My wife works a good job, again generous money. She said that it’s “her business” and she doesn’t want the kids and this money could go to her and I should stay out of it because I know nothing about it.

I looked at some papers and they live in a small apartment at a bad side of town. Hit close to home. I grew up with a single mom and four brothers shared a room my mom struggled a lot for us, she’s a wonderful women who broke her back for all four of us. Every decision was about the kids.

I tried to please or compromise with my wife, I tried to tell her I’ll pay for it, also tried seeing about this being a legal issue. I brought this up for three weeks straight and I got no answer, no compromise, no negotiation, just her saying it’s her money and she needs it for herself.

I found the guys number through some files,I messaged him and he was quite surprised to hear from me. After some back and forth, I got to the point and we met up at a coffee shop.

Everything in his house is going up, rent and s**t like that, he had to find a new job that doesn’t pay as much as before and before didn’t even pay much, he is struggling to buy enough groceries for the week for all the kids much less himself, the kids are growing out of clothes and he cannot afford new clothes right now, gas is going up tremendously and he is clearly struggling.

He has three girls none of them have phone’s. They all share one bedroom. He can’t afford activities of anything. you could just tell he was struggling. I’m not a crier but I teared up at this. He said that he wasn’t able to give his kids what they deserved and he’s ashamed of that.

After this, I offered the money he needed for the kids, after him saying the classic “I can’t accept that” ,I went with what I read in the articles. 2,000. May seem like a-lot but trust it’s not making a dent in my bank account.

I wrote a check he started balling, That was enough to make me tear up even more. I just thought this was the help my mom needed for all of us back then and opened up a-lot of past feelings.

I had 0 intention of hiding this. I was upfront and told my wife exactly what I did, and a hotel tab later, I presume i might have f**ked up. She didn’t want to spend her money so I spent mine.

I just can’t get my mind off the fact that these kids deserved more and this money can help,that I maybe selfishly don’t feel like I did anything wrong, but the amount of messages I’m getting says otherwise.”

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