He Told His Daughter She Can Live With Him Under One Condition. Is He a Jerk?

My house, my rules.

I think that’s a fair rule for people to have to abide by, don’t you?

But you know every situation is different, so we have to read all the fine print before we can make up our minds.

Check out this story and see if you think this dad is acting like an a**hole towards his daughter.

AITA – I told my daughter she can live with me with this condition?

“I (34m) had a child 10 years ago (Nova 10).

I was a terrible person back then. i didnt stay in her life and i deeply regret it. a few months ago i contacted her mom to see if i can see my child. she happily agreed to coparent with me and seemed relieved which was understandable considering she had 4 other kids, all younger than nova.

nova was a bit distant at first but now we are doing better. she is generally a very good kid but something i realized about her is that no punishment seems to work on her and also she can be very disrespectful at times. if i tell her to do something as a punishment she wont do it or if i ground her she will just leave without my permission

i asked her mom how she punishes her and she said she has never punished her before. what ive heard from nova is that it seems like she would just cuss her out and yell at her which i dont think are good punishments for a kid.

2 nights ago nova asked me if she can live with me from now on. i told her id love it but she can live with me with one condition, she has to follow my rules and be respectful.

she didnt say anything after that. after she went back to her moms home my mom, who was there when nova asked me this, told me i was an ah because “if a kid is asking her deadbeat dad to take her in, there must be something very wrong so you dont make conditions for her you just say yes and take her in”

was i really wrong to have this condition? i cant be a parent if she doesnt listen to me but now both my mom and daughter refuse to talk to me

her mom will likely have no problem with this, she seems too busy with her other kids and i think she would like being the weekends, fun parent so thats not really a problem.”

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