She Called Her Mother-In-Law a “False Prophet.” Did She Go Too Far?

Oh, boy, this sure doesn’t sound good.

Anytime you have the terms “false prophet” and “good Christian martyr” flying around, you know there’s bound to be some serious conflict going on.

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AITA for calling out my mother-in-law as a false prophet and nearly causing her a heart attack?

“My mother-in-law and I do not get along.

She’s the classic “Good Christian Martyr,” taking every opportunity to point out all the sacrifices she’s made throughout her life, much to her own detriment, especially for her children. She also enjoys passive-aggressively insulting me, every chance she gets.

One of her favorite things to do is quote Bible verses. The only problem is, she makes them up to suit her needs!

Yesterday evening, my SIL (who is single) and I were talking about how hot the new weatherman on our local news station is. I said something like, “Man, I’d like to see him shirtless at the beach on a hot summer day!” My SIL agreed enthusiastically.

I should have known better. My MIL’s face transformed instantly into an expression of utter disdain. The ambience of the room changed so much that it was almost palpable. She looked at me and said piously, “You know, dear, thou shalt not avert thine eyes from thine husband. That’s Proverbs 36:3, you know.”

I have known for years that she was full of frankincense, but I wasn’t knowledgeable enough about the Bible to call her on it. So, I excused myself to the restroom and looked it up. Sure enough, not only was she completely wrong, I found out there are only 33 chapters in Proverbs!

I went back to the living room, sat down, and asked her politely, “Mother dear, I was thinking about what you just said. I’d like to cross-stitch that verse onto a pillow and keep it in my living room. You know, just to remind me and make doubly sure I never go astray. Could you quote it again, along with the chapter and verse?”

Just then, she busted out her second round of theatrics—feigning a heart attack. Along with the Bible verses, this is one of her staples. As usual, everyone rushed to her side. By the time she “recovered,” everyone had forgotten about it (just as she planned). I decided to drop it.

When we got home, my husband crucified me. He said he knew what I was doing, and that I had intentionally upset her. He insisted that I was the cause of her “heart incident” and that it could have k**led her. He said that since she was getting older, I should just suck it up and put up with her behavior.

AITA for calling her out as a false prophet? If she had d**d, would she have come back to haunt me, three days later?”

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